Christmas has trickled in!

23 December 2009

I believe in giving one's self a reward after a good deed or after achieving something. My room in my parents' house and my nook in the apartment are "cluttered" with stuff I have rewarded myself through the months and years. It may be a small thing like a new tube of lipgloss, a book or DVD, or something a little bit more expensive like a new dress or a new pair of shoes. The point is, I am all for giving myself gifts. There's just something inherently satisfying when you practice your purchasing power and get something you don't really need need (as it's not really one of the basic necessities of life), don't you agree?

But when other people give me gifts, now that's something that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It just goes to show that they took the time to figure out what they think I would like, or basically give me something they know I would appreciate. And I think I may be one of the best recipients for gifts ever because I appreciate everything! It just makes me feel special, knowing that they thought of me. :)

A week ago, Marj (who is one of the kindest and sweetest persons I have ever met in the blogosphere) e-mailed me to ask for my mailing address. She sent me this:

with a sweet note from her and her daughter Nia :)

Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

I appreciated the fact that this is actually her own copy. I felt so honored that she has given me something that belonged to her. I mean, I cannot part with my own books, even those which were not really my favorites, but here she is, giving me her copy of one of her favorite books! She is so sweet! That, and the fact that she was seatmates(!) with my biggest local celebrity crush-ever Chito Miranda back in college makes her sooo amazing! :D

On to the next story. Last Sunday our team had our Christmas party at Mich's house. Everyone was there! Even MO Meydy came. :) It was an awesome day filled with food, festivities, laughter, songs, and good cheer. I love my teammates and I couldn't have asked for better people to share my first job with. :)

Asther, our direct supervisor TL Jimmy, me, and Mich

me in my F21 dress, Asther, Sasha

Frank, me, Watcher

So, we had our Secret Santa right? I picked Frank's name from the lot and I gave him a pair of boxer shorts and a bottle of Body Spray. :) And who picked my name?

It was Dane. :) (Read our story here if you haven't yet.) I was actually sweetly asking badgering him to tell me who he picked (since I already told him who I picked and I even asked for his help to pick out a gift for Frank) but the guy was tough and did not budge! Come to think of it, he told me once he picked my name but I didn't know whether to believe him or not because two other people are telling me the same thing. :D

So, what did he give me?


A very pretty white bag from Marithe Francois Girbaud :)
This is big enough to house all my essentials, and can even fit Lady Fabrize, my white netbook!

I must admit, I was very pleasantly surprised because I didn't know he picked my name, and besides he told me that he will give me a DVD of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. More so, the budget for our Secret Santa was only 300php! I do not know the exact cost of this, but it is nowhere near that price limit :D Now, guess what, all our other teammates are lobbying for another Secret Santa and this time, they want their names to be picked by Dane! What a funny bunch! :D

And last but not the least, today I got my package from Tiara! She was assigned by Mel to give me a present for our Blogger Gifts Exchange Program. :)

 This came all the way from Indonesia!

 Girl, you've got my favorite color down pat! :D

The package contains 2 pretty scarves, with one having a detachable floral clip and two beaded necklaces I can also wind around my wrist. Thank you so much, Tiara! :)

I was assigned to send a present to the girl in stiletto, Arlizan, and she has already received my package as well. :) Such a shame they did not let me include the facial masks and the bottle of nail polish (it was a very lovely blue shade, very much like your banner) because creams and liquids were apparently not allowed. The goodies travelled from the Philippines all the way to Dublin, Ireland. Technology is such a wonderful thing, don't you think so? I am so thankful to the blog gods for letting me meet all these wonderful, awesome people I wouldn't have met otherwise. :)

I have also done my part, making like one of Santa's elves and preparing gifts for my friends and family. And, I have already mailed these out last week

Christmas cheer from Krissy!

My friends here in the Philippines have already received them, great! :D I hope they do not get too caught up in the holiday rush... If they do, I guess that's fine anyway so people who requested for them will have something to look forward to even after Christmas :D

So, that's all for now I guess. Thank you for thinking of me this holiday season. :) I hope you all celebrate a wonderful and meaningful Christmas, and may we not forget the reason why we celebrate it. :)


  1. Krissy, you deserve all those fabulous gifts. You are so sweet.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  2. wow!
    a lot of gifts!

    goes to show how much people love you,diba

  3. :O

    Yay! It's finally there! omo! Hahaha... I'm still upset at the fact that I forgot to insert the letter/card bleh, lol.

    And giiirlll... you've got heaps of giiiftttsss!!! fab christmas indeed :D

  4. That's very sweet of your bf and the bag he chose is nice! I love the clean lines and the color. The other presents were pretty cool too!

  5. You've gotten some wonderful Christmas gifts already!

    I bought myself a neck massager for Xmas, but I think it will be from my wife.

    Merry Christmas, Krissy! =)

  6. presentssssssssssssss XD
    wheeee NOW it feels like christmas ^_^

  7. oh hey, you really should tell me how lovely bones was after you've finished it! I'm curious about it, as another blogger has recommended it to me!


  8. Cute prezzies, Krissy. Merry Christmas!

  9. a big yeeehaaa to you! you deserve the presents :D that white handbag is adorable! *clicking away to dane's story *ahem!*

    thank you thank you thank you again for your lovely gifts! you're too sweet :D

    merry xmas and happy new year!

  10. hello krissy and have a wonderful christmas, and an amazing new year..... God Bless you always and always.....

  11. @ Leah: Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

    @ Thiamere: Thank you! It feels nice to know they thought of me :)

    @ Tiara: Thanks so much! I love them all! :)

    @ Ida: Thank you! I love the bag, but he's not my boyfriend hehe :D

    @ RicAdeMus: Aww how sweet! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

    @ Manju: It does! :D

    @ jo-an: Happy holidays Joan! :)

    @ Toothfairy: Sure. It's the first book on my reading list for next year. I am so excited to read it as I have read some raves about it as well :)

    @ Jackie: Merry Christmas Jackie! :)

    @ the girl in stiletto: You're welcome! I am glad you liked them :)

    @ Annie Marie: Merry Christmas to you and your family Annie Marie! :)

  12. Merry Christmas, Krissy! The scarves look great :))

  13. Oh, *blushing*, I wasn't expecting that you'll be featuring my gift here. But I always give my friends my favorite books. It's like giving them one piece of my heart. You have one now. I'm sending you all the warmest wishes for the new year, Krissy!


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