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22 December 2009

Noticed anything new around here lately? This post is way overdue XD I got too caught up in the holiday rush! No one's complaining though, because I love Christmas and it's my favorite season of the year! :D

Anyway, look up to see what my BEST guy friend Jerome did for my blog! Yep, a new banner! Do you like it? I know I do!

I have been badgering him for one for so long to no avail, so imagine my surprise when he e-mailed me this banner last Thursday. It took him only a day since he is not too busy at the office :) He said the girl is a caricature of me. It's too cute how she also has glasses, dimples, pink lips, and is even holding a pen for good measure. Sexy too, don't you think? And that pink kissmark on her left shoulder is just too adorable :D

Jerome is now working as a web designer for  Union Bank. He has been drawing and sketching since we were young (he drew all the Yuyu Hakusho characters for me when we were in high school)  so I am happy that he landed a job he loves. He is also an ace badminton player and has won several tournaments already. And, get this, he and his twin brother Jonas are endorsers of Babolat. Do I sound like a very proud stagemom? LOL!

Thanks Jer! You really are the awesome-st! :)

For his other works, please visit his Deviant Art account ;)


  1. Love the new banner Krissy. It is really so YOU.

  2. love the new banner, i wish i could change my banner too heehee

    best guy friend?? i smell something more..... haha just kidding!!!
    happy holidays pretty :)

  3. ang cute naman ng banner!! i love it.. :D

  4. @ Leah: Thank you! :)

    @ Cha: Thanks! There are actually some sites offering banners for free, or if you want you can commission Jerome to make you one :) And yes, we're really just bestfriends :D

    @ Donnarence: Thanks! :)

  5. Aww, that is too adorable! Love your catchphrase and the fact that you have an awesome best guy friend like that :) If you ever need a new banner sometime in the far future ('cause I adore this one) you can come to me, too! :)

  6. So cute! I think it suits you. ^^

  7. I like it! and it really is you! what a great job...


  8. haha you sounded like someone who's trying to sell your friend off, in a good way. like you know, "promoting" your friend to all the single ladies. ahaha.

    awesome banner!

    oh have i told you i've received your package?? OMGD AM SO IN LOVE WITH THOSE STUFF YOU SENT ME. thank you so very much! it was lovely of you to send so many things... :)

    i hope you received nice gifts from the other blogger too :)

    merry xmas and happy new year! xoxo

  9. That is great banner Krissy. I think I see a face in the kissmark. Maybe it's Jerome! =)

    I want to take photo of the house where my grandmother worked an make it into banner. We'll see!

    Nice work Jerome!!!

  10. haha, lovely new banner! it's all PINK! So YOU! Hahaha... :D it even has glasses, so special eh? :D

    and I'm wondering everyday if my package has sent through, seems like it hasn't :(

    Ah, I hope you get the package soon...

  11. hello and wow amazing banner love it.... lucky for you you have a friend who is a web designer hehe...

  12. @ Nikolett: Thank you! Oh I know you did Andhari's banner, that's very cool as well! Sigh I wish I know how to make my own, but I guess I should be thankful that at least I have friends willing to do it for me :D

    @ Jackie: Thank you, I love it! :)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you so much! :)

    @ the girl in stiletto: Thank you! I am so glad you received it already! Such a shame they did not let me include the facial masks and the nail polish, the post office officials said liquid and creams are not allowed :(

    @ Rick: Thank you! Haha nope there's no face in there :D

    @ Tiara: Don't fret! I am sure it is on its way :) I'm so excited! :)

    @ Annie Marie: Thank you! :)


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