All's well that ends well

15 December 2009

So I told you about a misfortune Dane and I had when we went to Cartimar last week so he can get a dog, right? Well, maybe misfortune is a very strong word. Let me tell you now what happened (because I love telling other people's stories as much as I love telling my own :D)

We left his car at SM San Lazaro and just took the train because the traffic at Doroteo Jose and Carriedo was painfully slow and we might be stuck for hours. We reached Cartimar, a place known as pet-heaven (because of the rows and rows of stores selling all kinds of pets and stuff needed to take care of one) at about 4:30PM. We scoured the stores looking for a dog for him, specifically a guard dog but did not get much luck as the stores were only selling cute toy dogs. We roamed the place for about three times but saw only one store selling a Rottweiler so beautiful she can really beg you to take her home already. He needed more time to think about it though, so we went around the other stores some more and ate dinner since it was already 7PM. We went back just before the store's closing hours and by then he was already convinced by the salesman to get the dog. He was short of about 1,000php though, so we went to an ATM first while the salesmen were preparing the papers and grooming the Rottweiler. On our way back, the salesman went to us and told that as they were preparing the documents, their boss (the store owner) called and said the dog was already reserved for another person. Sheesh. We left Cartimar with heavy hearts and went back to SM San Lazaro to get his car. He said it was okay but I know he also felt sad.

And how can you not get sad when you missed out on this beauty:

playfully biting the salesman's hand

very regal in her stance

Imagine my surprise when Dane told me he was able to get her after all! He went back there on Friday to see if he will have better luck when he was told he can already buy the dog! Now, he wants to call her Xena but his nieces and nephews call her Isay :D

Everyone, meet Xena/ Isay! :D

She is a three- (or five? Sorry I can't remember X[) month old pure-bred Rottweiler. She is really a thing of beauty :) Dane said she is a big eater and acts very sweet when carried :)

So yeah, it's a happy ending after all. :)


  1. Aww, she's so cute! I'm glad he got Xena! :)

  2. Woah.. Her coat is pretty shiny! (I prefer furry dogs, haha) I don't know what to say... I'm a cat person! xD

  3. Such a cute face!!! I can understand why you both had heavy hearts when you got the bad news. Going through that makes this happy ending even happier!

  4. awwww, hi xena/isay!!! so glad it had a happy ending!! hehe! ;P

  5. yay for the happy ending! And hellloooo xena/isay! so cute!

    I want a doggy so bad... :S


  6. Isay? As in Melissa of PBB? Hahaha
    That name's got really a ring to it!

  7. @ Nina: Thank you! Me too! :)

    @ Nashe^: Oh, so maybe I'm a fish person? Haha :D

    @ RicAdeMus: It is a happy ending indeed! I'm glad he got Xena/ Isay :D

    @ Kym: Thank you! :)

    @ Toothfairy: Go get one! Or a bunny! :D

    @ jo-an: I don't know, I don't watch PBB haha, but the name is starting to grow on me and him :D

  8. Haha... sweetness :D
    I love happy endings! :P

  9. xena/isay is so cute <3
    but im really afraid of rottweilers LOL especially the big ones heehee
    but xena looks sweet naman <3

  10. I wanted to get a dog, but hey I have a one-year-old, so it's sort of having a dog. You can teach them to roll over and play dead. Lol!

  11. @ Little Tiara: I do, too! :)

    @ Cha: We've also read about big dogs mauling kids, but methinks it's all in the training. :)

    @ Miss Guimba: That's funny haha! :D


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