In which I try mineral makeup

09 December 2009

I used to be really clueless when it comes to makeup (as I've said here). You can say that I was just your regular powder-and-lipgloss kind of girl. My line of thinking before was that I don't care if I don't have makeup on, so long as I have my shoes :D Fast forward to now that I'm 19 23, I realized that I have to learn how to take more care of myself and how I portray myself to the world. I became more concerned of my appearance not because I wanted to look pretty for other people but because I wanted other people to see that I do care about their perception of me. At the end of the day, when you know you look good, you become more confident :)

The dilemma: I wanted to learn how to apply makeup but I did not know where to start! Now, thanks to the Internet, I found beauty blogs that were really helpful for someone like who didn't know what primers and highlighters were for :D And since I work for British customers at HSBC, we have regular access to their online newspapers and tabloids, one of which is Daily Mail. Through Daily Mail I found makeup guru Lauren Luke who also has a Youtube channel. Hers is indeed a rags-to-riches story, read here and be inspired. :)

Now, I am not saying I have become a makeup master or anything, but I am glad to say that I was already able to learn a little. One of the downsides of this new discovery though is realizing that I need a lot of products more to fully apply what I learned. Rest assured though that I will not hoard on the makeup products since I do not have any plans to become a professional makeup artist at all; I just read the reviews first and then determine whether a particular item will be good for me or not.

One makeup brand I am very glad to have found is Ellana Minerals. As all other mineral makeup brands, Ellana's products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and non-comodegenic, but what really sold me to try them is that it is a local brand. I am happy that more Pinoy entrepreneurs are breaking boundaries and carving their own niche in the market :) And best of all their products are really affordable! If your budget is tight, Ellana Minerals cosmetics are great stocking stuffers for your sisters and girl friends.

photo taken on October 29, 2009
I love how their Premium Blend Foundation goes on very light and natural

my first Ellana haul
I got the Premium Blend Mineral Foundation in Cafe Mocha, Mineral Powder Blush in Happiness, and Lip Treatment in Strawberry Fresh
The rest are free samples :)

I came back after just two days :p
Makeup Remover, Lip and Cheek Tint in Amethyst, Baby Buki brush, Mineral Powder Blush in Lust, Lip Scrub in Strawberry Kiss, Liquid Lip Color in Lovely, 3-piece Brush Set (contains a lip brush, concealer brush and powder brush) and Non-latex sponges

I applied the Premium Blend Foundation in Cafe Mocha in the morning (before my 6am - 3pm work schedule) the day we went to Cartimar and I am happy that it did not budge at all!

This photo was taken at exactly 4:40pm, eleven hours after I applied the mineral foundation at 5am, no retouching at all!

You see, it did not budge at all! And it also did a very good job at managing the oil and covering up a small zit on my right cheek. Awts, I wish I have discovered the wonders of makeup when I was still in college XD

So much is my trust in this brand that I have even become a reseller together with my friend/ officemate Marsha. Yep, you can order Ellana Minerals through us. Just email me at If you'd like to know what your skin type and undertone is, you may check this easy-peasy guide. Want free samples? Click here and fill out the form. :)

Have you tried mineral makeup? What can you say about them? Share your inputs, I would love to hear them! :)


EDIT: On a related note, I just wanted to say that lipsticks are probably my favorite beauty item. I am slightly anemic and there are days that I look so pale that it seems like I have been bled dry. I am not kidding, it is not a pretty sight x_x So, my go-to items are lipsticks. Incidentally I received the NYX Round Lipsticks I ordered from Sol via her Multiply store.

pretty colors :)

I have tried NYX Round Lipsticks before and I must say I really love them!

Here they are when opened:





No swatches though, because one or two are gifts for my friends :D (Want to receive a Christmas cheer from me? Click here!)

What are your favorite makeup items (that you cannot live without, or if that sounds too drastic, beauty items that have definitely made life much better for you)?


  1. i think everyday minerals is my first mineral makeup..or is it ellana?
    i can't remember

    but what's great about ellana is that it's formulated for asian skin..specifically filipina that's why it's great

  2. hi krissy! nice ellana and
    nyx haul! <3
    i like nyx lippies too!
    well my favorite makeup items are foundations and lip products :)

  3. Hi Krissy! I've been using minerals since they came out. Minerals are really good for the skin. I use Bare Essentials, Smashbox and Neutrogena. I haven't tried Ellana yet. Tell me if it's really good. I can readily shift brands.

  4. i dont wear make up... i'm too lazy and turned off by how expensive it is here! haha! ;P i only wear makeup during special occassions or night outs and even then it'll just be eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. haha! ;P

  5. i'm a mineral makeup convert too! i love everyday minerals <33333
    it's got like oneof th eonly foundations in the world that doesn't cause me to break out >_<
    haven't tried ellana minerals though

  6. though it really looks good on you, I've never tried mineral make up, and probably never will. I'm not so much of a beauty queen, and I almost neverrrr wear any powder or foundation!


  7. Aw, you're adorable with glasses :) I've only tried L'Oreal's mineral make-up which looked very cakey, but I'm willing to try others out. I just wish more of them were available in my local drugstore.

    As for a beauty item that's made life better ... mascara, because even if I have nothing on my eyes, mascara can make my eyes look so much more alert rather than tired.

  8. @ Thiamere: Yup, that's what I like about Ellana too. All their shades really complement the Filipina skintone, you just have to choose which colors are best for you :)

    @ Cha: Thank you so much for giving me the directions to Ellana's showroom sis! :D

    @ Leah: You should try them! I'd like to send you some samples if you want :)

    @ Kym: I used to be a no-makeup girl as well but I was influenced by others XD

    @ Manju: Me too! I love that I don't break out like I do when using traditional makeup. I'd love to send you some Manju :)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you! Aww you look pretty even without makeup ;)

    @ RicAdeMus: Thank you! I love that they're pink haha :D

    @ Nikolett: I love how mascaras open up the eyes too but it's not really practical for me to wear them as I wear glasses ALL the time or else I can't see XD

  9. Krissy, that would be fabulous. Thanks in advance.

  10. Okay, NOW I'm curious about them mineral makeup. I'll have to check if they are right for my brown skin. You're fair-skinned, aren't ya? :D

  11. hahaha I'm not that much into makeup but I do appreciate a good makeup day once in a while!

  12. @ Leah: You're welcome :)

    @ Meream: You have to try it, I swear you won't regret it :) I'm medium-skinned :)

    @ Nashe^: I am not too much of a makeup person myself even after discovering the wonders it can do to me, but yes, it's nice to primp and prettify every once in a while :)

  13. hi po! i really want to try ellana products could you also send me some samples of ellana? thank you..


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