Happy Birthday to three of my favorite people!

02 December 2009

It's the second day of December peeps! Christmas is almost here! Have you started with your Christmas shopping already? Well I have already sent my package for Mel's Blogger Gift Exchange Project but for my gifts for family and friends I'm still stuck with my list x_x I'm organizing a Christmas Party for my officemates on the weekend before Christmas though, and I'm really looking forward to that. Ü
But before I go on and on I would just want to say that today is extra special for me because three  two of my favorite people in the world are celebrating their birthdays!

First, my Mama celebrates her 47th birthday today. It's a good thing it's my rest day so I was able to just stay here at home and spend time with my family.

There's my Mom! ♥♥

I know we all say this about our respective mothers, but my Ma is just the best ever! Even when I am already staying in my apartment she calls and texts me regularly just to make sure I eat dinner and take my vitamins, etc. And even though I am already earning my own money, she still includes me in the grocery list. Ü And even without these small but greatly appreciated gestures, I still love her so. Ü

Next is my very good friend Ed, who as I have mentioned in a previous post is my sunshine and serenades-in-a-box.

Photo taken during my 19th 23rd birthday this year

He was my classmate from college. He was actually a shifter from another course so he had an irregular schedule for him to take up other prerequisite subjects. I was the College Representative for the Student Council that time so I was the first in our batch to meet him (as I assisted in their enrollment). We were casual friends back then, I remember his having a very beautiful singing voice that is enough to make anyone swoon! What's ironic is that we became a LOT closer after we graduated! I don't actually know when our beautiful friendship specifically started, but I do know it involves the two of us commenting on each other's respective Multiply blogs! 

Photo taken on Valentine's Day this year
He went with us to watch Boyce Avenue's mall tour and then we went to our apartment afterwards

He makes me see sense in my crazy moments. The best lesson he taught me is that the person who broke my heart should only be a part of my pink world and not be it. Beautiful, right? He also went on a trip to Hong Kong this weekend and I was the first he bought a present for! I wish I can see him soon (and that's not just because of the H&M goodie he bought for me!) Ü

Lastly, it's Britney Spears' birthday today! I am not really as big a fan of hers as I was when I was in my teens, but I can say I still love her. 

She looked so innocent back then

You cannot argue though that she has bounced back from her manic state a couple of years ago. I honestly thought she would go Anna Nicole Smith (God bless her soul) on us. I used to like her so much during the latter part of my Elementary and all the years of my High School days! I absolutely loved her videos, memorized all her songs, bought her albums and collected magazines featuring her on the cover. Remembering those days makes me cringe (but only a bit) but I actually miss those days. You know, the buzz you feel when you see your "idol" in the TV screen or in the glossies. I was not a blind follower though. I liked her whole bubble-pop image but it did not necessarily mean I wanted to emulate her, especially when she began "rebelling". And come on, you gotta admit you liked at least one of her songs one way or another. Ö

I actually wrote a piece about her on one of the Writing Workshops I attended last year but I think it is in my apartment. I will update this post when I find it, I hope I do. Ü
I hope you're all having an awesome week! How's the status of your Christmas shopping? Ö

PS: How do you like my new layout? Sorry for changing my blog's layout every week, blame my being a girl for not being satisfied x_x But I think I am definitely loving this one! My bestfriend Jerome told me he'd make me a banner for this blog so I am excited for that. Ü


  1. so many birthdays :)
    wish your mom a belated bday :)

  2. Aww what a sweet post. Hope your mum had a great birthday. :)

    I keep changing layouts these days, too. Haha.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom :)

  4. Wow happy birthday to your mom. I'm like you, I still haven't got any xmas presents for people close to my heart but I have already sent one to my partner for the gift exchange, so that's one down and many more to go. hehehehe

  5. Ohh happy birthday to your mom ^^
    i've sent my swap present already but i haven't even started on buying presents for my family and friends. i bet i'm gonna end up in a crazy rush...i never seem to learn my lesson hahaha
    i loved britney too when she debuted, now not so much.

    p.s. ed is cute ;)

  6. @ Rajlakshmi: Thank you! :)

    @ Meream: She did, thank you! :) Haha I just haven't found the "perfect" layout, but methinks I will have this layout for a while :)

    @ Abby: Thank you! :)

    @ Mel: Thank you! I like that, "one down and many more to go" haha! I am excited for our blogger gift exchange! :)

    @ Manju: Me too, it is actually one of my New Year's Resolutions year after year :D Aww thank you, I will say hi to him for you :)


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