Krissy spreads some Christmas cheer!

03 December 2009

Seeing all the Christmas lights in the ginormous house beside our old apartment made me even more giddy for Christmas! Twenty-two winks to go! Excuse my excitement my friends, but would you believe I am even more excited for Christmas now that I am older, as compared to when I was still a kid? I don't know, maybe it's just the feeling of being able to buy gifts for my family and friends, now that I actually already have purchasing power :)

Even my pet Kiss has started making over her house with holiday decors!

Now this is actually inspired by Nashe^'s and Nikolette's posts. In the spirit of love and giving (and as my way of showing my gratitude for your reading my blabs), I want to spread the warmth to all of you guys, so I am sending out holiday cards! Yep, holiday cards from Manila, Philippines to anywhere in the world! Would you want one? Of course you do! You would have to be Ebenezer Scrooge to not be affected by the Christmas bug (and we all know the guy reformed his ways in the end). Besides, in this day of emails and tweets, isn't it fun to receive a good ol' snail mail in the post? :) 

So what to do? It's easy. Just email me your mailing address at Don't worry, I will treat your emails with the utmost care and confidentiality! Post a comment here as well :) I will start mailing them out by the 10th to ensure you will receive them before Christmas. :)

Isn't this exciting? I know it is! Yay for Christmas and holiday cards! :)


  1. krrrrrissy! :) yes, i've caught the holiday bug too... I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! the smell in the air, the lights, the family, the friends and gatherings.. haha so corny but so true! :P

    re: purchasing a herrohachi orig... paypal actually allows you to pay with money from your bank account (it just takes a few days to set up) - have you tried that? if you need help, let me know! no credit card necessary for paypal :)

    i would love to get a holiday card from you! mailing you my mailing address now! :)

  2. You are so sweet! Yay for inspiration and I'm definitely replying to your e-mail and sending you my address as well :)

  3. Ang cute sis! :D
    And hey, I'm back, reading blogs you wrote ang daaami ko na namiss!!!!!! =/ Glad my PC is back na!!! :)
    Cool nun 30-day blogging challenge!!!

  4. Woohooo holiday spirit! :)

    Send me one, Krissy!:)

  5. Hey krissy... don't send me a card. Let's just schedule a meet-up then give me the card in person. Hahaha!

  6. Hi Krissy!! Awwww that is so sweet and thoughtful of you to send out xmas cards!!

    The holidays definitely put me in a good mood ^__*

  7. oh my gosh! i wanna send you a card for christmas!! send me your address to my email of course:

    anyway... i love this time of the year!!! the presents... the christmas lights!! it's just SOOOO beautiful!!!! ^_^

  8. hahaha all the christmas cards are going all over the world this year! great idea!


  9. Awww this is awesome. Please send me one. yey... my email address is

    happy holidays sweetie.

  10. @ Kym: It's not corny! Christmas is actually prolly my favorite holiday! :D

    Okay, let me set up my bank account in order next year, and I'll definitely get me a herrohachi original! It's great to know I don't have to have a credit card to send money via Paypal! Yay!

    I got your email and will be replying after I reply to the comments ;)

    @ Nikolett: Thank you for your email! :)

    @ Anagon: Thank you! I missed you soul sister! Wow you have a new computer? Yay! Email me your mailing address sis! :D

  11. @ Andhari: Of course I am sending you one! Email me your mailing address! :) (Aww I wish we also have owls like they do in Harry Potter lolz)

    @ Leah: That would be great! Just set the date! :)

    @ Amynaree: I would love to send you a card! Email me your address! :)

    @ Abby: Me too! There's just something about Christmas that makes me feel giddy and warm all over :) I'll email you right after I post my comments here :)

    @ Toothfairy: I want to send you a card! Email me your mailing address :)

    @ Mel: Will email you once I post this, yay! Happy holidays! :D

  12. Personally, I love the Christmas decorations! The fairy lights, the candles, and red, green, gold baubles everywhere.
    Of course gift-giving is a wonderful thing too :)

    have a great weekend,


  13. @ Nashe^: I have your address already, yay! :)

    @ Duni: Me too! They certainly make Christmas more colorful and fun :) I would love to send you a card Duni!

  14. yes yes yes!!! i totally want one! emailing you right away xD


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