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Feeling pretty pleased with my ice cream cone

Today was a fairly good day for ice cream, so during lunchtime Dane and I went to Mini Stop in Technohub for a quick sugar fix.

I'm sorry for the lame photo XD
That is my Hershey's Dark Chocolate and Vanilla sundae cone (which is very, very delish I tell you) with the fountains of Technohub as unwilling backdrop

And a real value of money for only 15php per cone. Sweeeet :)

One of the things I love about my job is how I can get away with wearing stuff like this that would be too casual for others:

That's me feeling pleased with my ice cream cone and pretty pink dress :D

Imagine wearing that to a corporate office XD

And that's him, feeling pleased with his ice cream cone and the shirt I gave him :D

It's payday today! So yay I can finally finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow! And it's my rest day so I'll be holed up here in my parents' home for the next two days. I arrived here to two surprises, apparently.

A postcard from Nashe^ and my Johnson's Body Care Lotion gift package!

Thank you so much Nashe^! I will be posting your postcard AND Christmas card on Wednesday! :)

My Johnson's Body Care Lotion gift package

I have Mia to thank for the heads-up regarding Johnson's Body Care Lotion gift package. She blogged about it a couple of weeks ago and provided the link. I actually have the full-sized Naturally White and Melt Away Stress already and I love them! I also have a mini bottle-sized Melt Away Stress and just refill it from the full-sized bottle every time I go on sleepovers (because it literally melts away the stress of a long day). But still, a free is a free is a free, right?

It contains four mini-bottles of 24-Hour Lasting Moisure and two mini-bottles of Melt Away Stress

I will give a couple to friends, and some will be very handy during sleepovers :D Want your own Body Care Lotion gift package from London? Click here :) And want a Christmas cheer from me? Click here :)


Manju said…
krissyyyyyy! you're adorable in that dress! :)
thanks for the heads-up about the johnson's package, i'm off to get one now ^_^
Leah said…
You are so pretty in your pink dress...and you look like a teenager. Di ba ang saya ng walang dress code?
Manju said…
whooops its philippines only ;P
nevermind hahaha
Anagon =) said…
oh cool naman the lotion! :D
and sis, wow you can get away with the pink dress a, parang teenager parin ;) ;)
amynaree said…
that dark chocolate ice cream looks so good!
♥ mia said…
yum! sarap nyang ministop ice cream! :D super sulit pa teehee

yey for freebies! :D
Bored & Crafty said…
Cute! The hair adds to the cuteness factor, of course. :)

I will send you an apron, of course. I'm thinking pink? Haha email me your address. :)
Andhari said…
I'm loving ice cream and your job totally rocks. :D It's nice to be that comfortable while working.
RicAdeMus said…
It's soup weather here! :(
// krissy ♥ said…
@ Manju: Thank you! Awts too bad the Johnson's promo is applicable only for Philippine residents :[

@ Leah: Thank you! Super saya haha :D

@ Ana: Get the lotions din! And thank you, sinasamantala ko na habang pwede haha! :D

@ Amynaree: It is! Pure Hershey's goodness, yum :)

@ Mia: Oo nga, ang mura! Yay! :D

@ Meream: Wow, really? That's awesome! You are too sweet! :)

@ Andhari: It really is :)

@ RicAdeMus: Aww, it's okay, soup is still nice :)
Nashe^ said…
Guess what? I just got the Johnsons mini bottle recently as a free gift!

And hey, glad the postcard got there safe! Now I want some hershey ice cream...
// krissy ♥ said…
@ Nashe^: Wow that's great! Oh I wish I can send you some ice cream! :D