Center Stage night

23 December 2009

Last Friday after work Dane and I went to SM Fairview to get a gift for our Secret Santa for our team's Christmas party. The mall was packed! There were so many people rushing to get gifts for their family, friends and godchildren :D Anyway, I got what I wanted to get, so we went back to my apartment.

On normal days, I would just have lounged at the apartment, maybe watch a DVD or read a book, and then go to sleep since I have work the next day. But that night was HSBC's Center Stage night and I really wanted to go! Good thing my flatmate Asther is at the apartment as well so she went with Dane and me back to the office to watch and support our former housemate Ruther. :)

Center Stage is a talent search and Ruther was part of the singing contest. We met with Mich at the office, and we agreed to just watch Ruther's performance and then go home already (because of the inconvenience of work the next day) but we ended up watching the full show anyway because he was the last to perform :D

There he is, owning the stage!

He is a very, very good singer and was part of a theater group in his hometown, Bulacan. My favorite is when he sings Ewan McGregor's part in his and Nicole Kidman's Come What May from the movie Moulin Rouge! For that night though, his piece was Take Me Out of the Dark by Filipino singer Gary Valenciano, and guess what, HE WON! I am so proud of him! :)

After the contest, Dane was supposed to drop us off to Philcoa so Asther, Mich and I can just take a cab home but we were still full of adrenaline from Ruther's winning that we did not want to go home just yet. They were confident because it was their rest day the next day and it is only me who had to go to work, but I said, screw work and just went with the flow :D

So, where did the night take us?

To McDonald's, where we feasted on french fries and sundaes layered with hot fudge and Oreos. Yum!

Asther and Mich

Dane and Krissy

Dane doesn't want to have his photo taken...

... but I can be sssneaky!

Dane drove the three of us back to the apartment since Mich decided to just stay for the night and then hear the morning Mass with Ar at 4am. I asked them to wake me up before they leave (which should be at about 3:45am) so that my mind would already be awake by 4am. Guess what, I woke up at 4:30am and they were still sleeping! XD

Singing, winning, sundae-ing, and driving past 10pm. I daresay it was an awesome last Friday before Christmas. :)


  1. happiness 'to Krissy! Ü

  2. Congrats to Ruther! What a great's so funny that you had to wake you the people who were supposed to wake you up! Good thing you did not wait for them to get you out of bed. =)

  3. Typo--it should say: it's so funny that you had to wake UP the people who were supposed to wake you up!

  4. ahem :D what a great night! yay to ruther...

  5. Congrats to your friend. Gotta love how you're being there for him! :) fun night, all in all.

  6. @ Mich: Super! :D

    @ RicAdeMus: It was pretty funny, we were laughing so hard when I recounted the story later in the day :D

    @ the girl in stiletto: Yay! :D

    @ Andhari: Thank you :) It was really great, seeing a friend own that stage :)


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