Wanted: A pet dog

08 December 2009

Do you have a dog? If so, what breed? How long have you had him/ her? And what is his/ her name?

The reason I asked is that I just realized I want one. But getting a dog is impossible for me at the moment so I guess I would just have to live through you. XD Why impossible? Let me break down my schedule for you (this is an anwer as well to Kym's question). During my work days (Thursdays - Mondays) my alarm clock sounds off at 4am (because it takes awfully long for me to get ready). I finally get up at 4:30 then rush myself to make sure I get to work on time. My work hours are from 6am - 3pm, and then after work I always get to have plans to go somewhere (this is me milking my independence) unless I am too lazy to go anywhere and would just rather lounge in my Quezon City apartment and watch DVDs (or do nothing, which is equally fun). On days I go somewhere else though I go home at about 7-8pm (making sure I have already grabbed a bite somewhere, thanks to my non-skills in cooking which is proving to be quite expensive). I then read the blogs I follow, Facebook and play FB games for a couple of hours while watching local news, and then finally hit the sack at 10pm. On Mondays though I go straight to my parents' house after work (I'm saying hi to you now from Navotas!) and then go to work on Thursday from here. This is my routine, and I assure you it is not boring at all :D

You see, with my schedule being full as it is, there is no way I can squeeze in taking care of a dog. As with other relationships, it is a big responsibility. And I want to be able to give my full attention to my commitments (especially when it comes to taking care of a creature who would most likely die if not given the attention he/ she deserves and needs), which sadly I cannot do so at the moment. Well, I can prolly get one and then leave him/ her at my parents' house, but my Mom already said no as my two siblings and toddler cousin have asthma. Goodbye dog dreams. :(

So yeah, I just have to be content with my fishes Aziraphale and Anathema.

My dragonfins
You may also call them Yin and Yang for short :D

They have been with me for more than seven months now, way past the deadline of three days imposed on me by my officemates (some friends they are)! :D I have taken care of five different  species of fishes before but they only stayed with me for a maximum of a week *sniff*

Anyway, yesterday Dane and I went to Cartimar in Pasay City to look for a pet dog for him, specifically a guard dog. (He also has a 75-gallon aquarium housing 9 different species of dragonfins). It was my first time to go there and it was awesome! It is Manila's pet heaven and all you pet lovers out there will surely love it! It is very much like Divisoria, but instead of selling bargain clothes and whatnots, rows and rows of stores sell pet animals (different kinds of dogs, cats, birds, chickens, snakes, lizards, fishes, even peacocks!) and everything you need in taking care of one like cages, food, tanks, even clothes!

Guess what, Dane wants a Great Dane.

Dane: I want a Great Dane.
Krissy: Wow. Okay, so what are you going to name it? Great? (Pet is named Great, Master is named Dane. Great and Dane. Great Dane. Get it? LOL)
Dane: Har har.

Haha! It is kinda funny, right? :D

A Rottweiler will also do. We found one actually, and it is easy to see it has already fallen in love with us awwww but due to an unfortunate incident (I would like to blog about it but will not, as per his request) he did not buy it. Let's just say it was not to be. Sad, I already have a name for it. Yep, I will name her even though she's not mine. I wanted to name her Athena because my officemate NiƱo's wife is pregnant with a baby girl and he said he is going to name her Athena but I opposed it because I want Athena for my baby's name. So he said he will not name her Athena if I can procure  a baby before March. Uhh, no thanks. I will have a baby in my and my future husband's own terms, thankyouverymuch. (Some back story, huh? :p) So, Dane's still on the lookout for the perfect dog (so long as it's not a toy dog. I cannot imagine him with one haha). Any recommendations? :)

PS: I am still rounding up people who would like some Krissy Christmas Cheer! Click here. ♥♥


  1. A pitbull can be a great guard dog! We had one and she was the sweetest and kindest dog but when it comes to meanies she takes care of business.

  2. I have a shitszu who's been with me since she was 3months old. She's like 9months old now. But before her, I had a mini pin who passed away 2years ago. He was with us for 7years. A pet dog is like another kid in the family. You have to have time to take care of it.

  3. We have a border collie named Bandit. To name him, we each wrote a name on a piece of paper, put the papers in a bowl and then picked one. Bandit was my choice.

    Yes, Great...Dane is funny. Unless Dane starts calling himself that. LOL!

    Thank you so much!!! Oh, you'll probably notice I do the parentheses thing too. =)

  4. awwww!
    you do have a very busy schedule

    we have a choco labrador & our lives where never the same when we had it. We got him when he was 3 months old & he is already 1 1/2 year (i think) & we love him to death.

    he can't do tricks but it doesn't mean we don't love him. he sleeps in the same room with me. he greets me so warmly whenever i come home. he wags his tail whenever i call him & when i don't have anything to do i smother him with hugs & kisses & talks to him. I know he understands me because he would have this look in his eyes.

    I was not a dog-lover before but when we had him all of us fell in love!

    anyway, i work at home so i have lots of time to take care of him.

    though when i get married i told bf that we have to get a chow chow...a puppy. i want to raise him like my own. i once saw my friend's chow pups & they're so cute i feel like dying
    sobrang cute at wala ko magawa kundi magmura na lang...wehehehe..
    sorry for that..XD

    i want to eat them because of their cuteness..lol

  5. bleh... I want a doggy... real bad! but I don't have the time to take good care of it... which would be sad. I think I need to start with a bunny, because at least the bunny you leave at home by itself, while I'm at work...


  6. @ Nina: Yes, a pitbull can definitely do the job of guarding your house, but methinks it's too scary XD

    @ Leah: I know, that's why I cannot get one as much as I would want to :(

    @ RicAdeMus: Cute name! Bandit makes sure no other bandits enter the house haha! (And yes, parentheses are awesome :D)

    @ Thiamere: Haha that's okay! Cute story! :) When we went to Cartimar I saw really cute toy dogs! I literally wanted to stow them away in my bag and take them home haha!

    @ Toothfairy: Oh yes a bunny will be a perfect pet for you! :)

  7. ohhhh my gulay krissy! you wake up at 4AM!?!!?!? =S! yikes! i dont know how you do it!

  8. Oh geez, that sounds like the most hectic schedule! I would not be able to wake up that early *hugs* That sucks about you not being able to get a dog, though Ying and Yang look neat :D

    I have a dog named Shadow who is a half-poodle and half-terrier and he is the most expressive doggy and loves to snuggle and cuddle :) I hope you get to have a dog one day!

    By the way, I've left an award for you on my blog!

  9. @ Kym: I myself don't know :D I just drag myself to the bathroom. There's no better wake-me-upper than a COLD shower on a December morning :D

    @ Nikolett: Thank you! I'll tell them you said hi :D Aww Shadows sounds the cutest and most darling! Now I wish I really have a dog x_x And thank you so much for the award! Hopping over to your blog now! :)


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