Post-Christmas catching up

27 December 2009

How was your Christmas?

I spent mine stuffing myself with delicious food and spending quality time with my family and officemates. I abandoned the apartment for quite a while to go to my parents' house after work everyday and today is just my second night back. My housemate Asther is enjoying a long holiday weekend at her hometown in Laguna so I am stuck here alone with my fishes Yin and Yang. I don't feel lonely though. I spent my free time lounging around and watching DVDs of How I Met Your Mother. I just love Barney :D

Because I am a loser and my rest days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Christmas fell on a Friday this year, I spent half my Christmas at work.

this is what I wore to work on Christmas day

Looking at the bright side, I work only until 3PM so I still have more than enough time to go home and spend half-a-Christmas with my family. Besides, can you hear ka-ching? Double pay baby :D I wasn't able to attend the annual family reunion though, and that sucks a bit. But I spent the day with my immediate family and closest friends at the office, so all in all it was quite a happy day for me despite the inconvenience of having to go to work.

On other news, my college classmates are brewing some plans to go out of town on Wednesday and I'm psyched-excited! :D

So, how was your Christmas? I sure hope it was lovelier than mine!

PS: I can't believe 2010 is almost here! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays! :)


  1. I spent my holiday with my dearest daddy, heheh... it's so fun being with him, all we did was sleeping, eating and going out whenever we feel bored. mwahahah... no cleaning the house, no cooking food, no nothing xD

    and he eats whatever I cook, no matter how big failure it actually is, lol

  2. double pay sounds great to me, and working till 3 is ok... you still had some time to spend with your family!

    I love christmas because of that, family time!

    and yes... 2009 flew by, what happened?!


  3. hey krissy

    im delighted to hear your pasko went well, ours was spent just having to go to evening mass at 5pm since my mom was working 16 hours meaning double shifts. ate at midnight and opened gifts thats it pretty simple hehe.

    cute outfit. i hope you have a prosperous new year

  4. Yay to double pay Krissy... work hard and play hard.

  5. Double pay sounds great! I hope it was quiet at work Christmas day.

    Barney is horrible, but so, so funny! I feel a little bad for the kids on the couch listening to Ted tell the long story about how he met their mom. He just keeps going on and on! =)

  6. Aww you so pretty! And I'm so envious that you can get away with wearing that on Christmas! You would freeze here :( And ooo at double pay, I wouldn't mind that haha.

    I hope you get my Christmas card soon, methinks the post is horrible :( And my Christmas was preetty good, full of good times with family ... though I'm still is disbelief that I've lived through another decade haha.

  7. @ Donnarence: Thanks haha :D

    @ Tiara: Sweeeet. :) And don't worry, you are not alone, I also cannot cook x_x

    @ Toothfairy: I know! I really should post a "Best of 2009" later :D

    @ Annie Marie: Thank you :) I love the way you celebrated Christmas, traditional and charming :) Happy new year Annie Marie!

    @ Leah: Indeed! :D

    @ Rick: Work was great! I got about just 20 calls only :D

    @ Nikolett: Thank you! :) But I wouldn't mind being able to wear winter clothes at least once in my lifetime :D I hope I get your card soon, and I also wish you will get mine soon as well! :D

  8. Looking HOT on christmas, Krissy. :D I love Barney Stinson too, what do you have planned for New Year's Eve?


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