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A Piece of Me... in December 2009

This month...

I like: that it is the holiday season! Christmas is my favorite holiday! (Want to have a little Christmas cheer from me? Click here!)

I don't like: that I actually have to work on Christmas day. x_x Thankfully I get off work at 3pm so I can still attend the annual reunion in my father's side of the family.

I want you to know: that I am really thankful for each and everyone of you who are reading my blabs here. Sending some digital hugs smothered with pink kisses your way! :)

I've planned: a Christmas party for my officemates. It will be like a semi-reunion for our two former teammates who have already transfered to other departments.

I want to say to someone special: A, I hope that we can get in touch this Christmas. I really do miss you.

This is my December entry for the Toothfairy's A Piece of Me challenge. Want to join as well? Click here! :)


Leah said…
Nice post Krissy... I love that it's the Christmas season too. Sarap kasi mag-open ng gifts. Hahaha!
Shibby said…
Cant believe you're working christmas day :( but at least you get to see your family :)
Toothfairy said…
oh booh, for working on christmas day! though it's till 3, it still sucks!

I like that you've planned a christmas party for your officemates, that's cool and very thoughtful!

RicAdeMus said…
That's so nice of you to plan a party! Merry Christmas. =)
Manju said…
i'm so so so psychd for christmas as well!! just emailed you ^^
// krissy ♥ said…
@ Leah: Sinabi mo pa! Haha :D

@ Shibby: I know, it sucks x_x On the lighter side though, we get paid double :D

@ Toothfairy: Thank you, I am so excited! :)

@ RicAdeMus: Thank you! Merry Christmas! :)

@ Manju: And I emailed you back! :)