2015: The Year of the Extraordinary

31 December 2015

Another year draws to a close, and with it comes introspection.

Much of this day was spent watching and crying over You're the Worst digging through my memory orbs with Sadness to decide on this year's highlights, and as is my custom, I chose a word that perfectly encapsulates the year for me. For 2015, I chose 'extraordinary'

I was actually looking forward to writing this post because I feel 2015 has been the best one yet.

This is the year I: got promoted again; went to Balesin and Boracay for the first time because of work, and I had a GREAT time; joined two fun runswrote and published a Young Adult story; launched an ebook; met Miah; finally saw Owl City perform live; walked without shoes; worked on a bunch of food events for our clients; got over my fear of public speaking to talk in front of (and hopefully inspire) high school students (and I had to do it twice!); tried to write another New Adult novella and failed; attended Asia Pop Comicon and my first Manila International Book Fair; wrote and published my first fantasy short story; launched my second ebook; had my hair colored lavender and purple; and finally launched my stationery brand Krissyfied Makes by releasing postcards of my watercolor paintings! Whew!

2015 has indeed been extraordinary, and I can't wait to see what happens next. The coming year will be a milestone year for me as I am turning 30 in April, and I'm looking forward to living more, creating more, exploring more, and loving more. 2016 will be MAGICAL.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your year with me. I'm wishing you a happy and bountiful new year with the people you hold most dear. Peace, love, and lip gloss!

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