Shakey's Colorful Fun Run 2015

28 March 2015

I used to go to the gym regularly for a weight-gain program and I've also tried my hands on yoga and boxing but I am not particularly a sporty person. I am skinny but I am far from being fit as the only physical activities I've done lately were flipping through channels or a book's pages and going down my office building to grab a bite. However, I recognize that I am not getting any younger (I'm turning a year older exactly a week and a day from today!) so I'd like to take the necessary steps to fitness. When our client Shakey's decided on having a Fun Run to celebrate its 40th year in the Philippines, I got so pumped up to participate that I even trained for it by running around Ayala Triangle Gardens more than a week before the event. (I really took it seriously because I wasn't too keen on repeating Earth Run 2011's scenario where I almost passed out from sheer exhaustion due to lack of preparation, LOL.)

The Colorful Fun Run was held last Saturday, March 21, and started from Shakey's Raja Sulayman -its first store in the country - ran for 5KM, and ended in Baywalk. It was well-attended and even my bosses and the big bosses of Shakey's joined, all for the love of the pizza brand! Here are some photos.

Alex, Kira, me, and Ava with our spotless shirts on

What made the Run even more fun was being showered with different colors to signify Shakey's rich and colorful history in the Philippines!

Ava and her husband Gersh
Shakey's Jam and her boyfriend Raffy
Miss Chez and Sir Koi of Shakey's
Shakey's EVP and CEO Sir Vic Gregorio

Finish line!
Everyone who finished got a medal, yay!
Fellow finishers and Balesinners Miguel, Kito, and Raiza
My Dad and I!
My bosses Celine and Jenny, who looked like they didn't break a sweat at all!
Group photo with the fastest finishers
They won Shakey's GCs! Congratulations, everyone!
Good Times and Great Memories. This is definitely one of the most fun I've had in a while and was a perfect overture to my beach weekend with my girl friends! I've also considered continuing running around Ayala Triangle Gardens at least two times a week after office hours to have a legit physical activity and build up my endurance. Thank you, Shakey's!

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