My Asia Pop Comicon and Manila International Book Fair weekend

20 September 2015

It was an exciting weekend for bibliophiles, geeks, and pop culture fans in Manila as the Asia Pop Comicon and Manila International Book Fair were held in World Trade Center and SMX, respectively! As you can see below, we JUST. COULDN'T. MISS. THEM.

My September 19 hauls from APCC and MIBF:
an illustration of a hedgehog by Regina of the Monster Me booth, a My Neighbor Totoro sticker given by Miah,
Mythspace Mini Design Works, quirky notepads and calendar from Tahanan Books, a Treasury of Philippine Folk Tales,
and Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang Vols. 1 and 2
And because I'm a masochist who loves spending money on books:

My September 20 haul from MIBF:
The Soul Book, The Flying Friar (Patron Saints and their Amazing Lives), The Kitchen when it Sizzles by Chrissie Peria,
Planet Panic by Pam Pastor, and Catch a Falling Star by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo.
I also got a new set of a Treasury of Philippine Folk Tales for Alex and seven ebook bundles for free from Buqo's booth after I donated books for the #ABookforanEbook drive!
My pile of unread books in my room and in my Kindle plus my hauls from yesterday's and today's visits to MIBF are enough to cover me for a loooong while. I'm hoping not to get new books until I finish reading all of them but who am I kidding. My wallet is crying. Also, I am not as limber as I used to be and I am dead sure I will feel the effects of this weekend's excursions until Tuesday (as it felt like we spent the whole weekend falling in line) but I don't care because IT WAS WORTH IT.

Up next: more photos from APCC and MIBF! Looking at them now, I kinda wish I took more photos, heh.

Up early for APCC!
(I joke that he's almost always late for our dates but he beat me to our agreed time for this by a solid 30 minutes. Spell excited.)
Miah X Hulkbuster
You can get a photo op for every purchase of a shirt from Comicave Studios
Listening intently
I believe this was during the Movies, Monsters, Creatures panel with Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr.
In this panel I learned that if your parents don't want you to go after your dreams, you can tell them, "Don't be the kind of parents that don't let their kids go after their dreams." Emotional blackmail is key, folks!
In conversation with Paul Bettany
It was a fun interview to watch and Nikko Ramos asked interesting questions. Almost the entire hall was cheering on him for portraying Vision, but his role that has struck me the most is when he played Silas in Angels and Demons (even though the movie adaptation sucked, heh).
He's a massive Star Wars fan...
... that he even agreed to be interviewed on camera, heh.
I hope his interview gets chosen to be included in the coming movie's promotional materials!
We were already spent come afternoon, but it was thoughtful of him to offer that we go to MIBF after! ♥

It was a decision that I think he regretted in the end, while I was pawing through endless stacks of books. Oops.
My favorite part was probably the exclusive sneak peek to Captain America: Civil War. It was awesome hearing the entire World Trade Center Tent erupting into cheers and applause each time a new character appears! Their collective excitement is contagious! Ahhh so many exciting movies to look forward to!

Thank you for our APCC Day 2 tickets, Sir Genson of Full Circle Communications! I look back at my OJT days fondly because of you guys. ^_^

Today, Miah went back to APCC Day 3 but I did not go with him. Instead I dragged my sister Kyla to my MIBF Day 2!

With my author friends Anne, Six, Racquel, Yeyet, and Buqo's Ariel and Maxin
I dropped by the Buqo booth to drop off my books and got seven ebook bundles for free! I got the four StrangeLit bundles plus the For Love, For Feels, and For the Win JustWritePH bundles!

Look at the quote! It was lifted from my story Once Upon a Sticky Note that you can read when you purchase the Sweet Complications bundle from Buqo!
Sad wallet is sad, but my book-lover's heart is grinning with delight!

Were you able to go to APCC or MIBF or both this weekend? Did you get a lot? [Money] misery loves company so let me know your stories!

PS: I'm not sure if Miah reads my blog. so I'll just put here that my birthday present for him has already arrived. If he reacts, then that means he does. If not, well I might need to get him another present that's not as cool as the one I originally got for him. HAHA.

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