My Lavendream Five-Point Haircut c/o JuRo Salon Exclusif

20 November 2015

When asked what my favorite color is, I always couldn't give a straight, definite answer. One moment it's yellow, next time it's pink, other times it's teal. Purple always belongs to the top five, though. Whether it be violet, magenta, or lavender, I love the whole spectrum of shades of purple.

And so when I got the chance to sit on JuRo Salon Exclusif's magical chair again, I took the opportunity to get my dream hair color. No better time to experiment than on my last year in my 20s, yes?

I have been wanting to dye my hair this shade since forever but I never followed through because I have every reason to dread and doubt this decision. Will it look good okay on me? Will I attract unnecessary attention? Will I be able to pull it off? What finally pushed me to go for it? Knowing that I can trust Sir Jude and Miss Rose to NEVER let me [and my hair] down plus the additional encouragement from my boyfriend. Now, having had this hair for four weeks now, I say YES! to every single one of those questions and, at the risk of sounding narcissistic, let me say that I love it.

Let me walk you through my experience on the road to my lavendream (lavender + dream) hair. Yep, totally coined that term while seated on my JuRo Salon magical chair.

On November 23 I arrived at JuRo Salon in Kensington Place, BGC for my 10 AM appointment, all chirpy and jumpy. It was the StrangeLit book launch the next day and of course I wanted to look great. Prior to that, the last time I was with this magical hair duo was a little over a year ago, so we chatted a little before we went to "work". What's amazing is that it was like no time has passed at all; we easily fell into comfortable conversation, swapping stories and anecdotes like three friends catching up. They're two of the best and most respected people in the hair industry yet they don't have any airs at all. Passion for their craft oozes with every snip of the scissor and brush of color, and sitting on their chair is a big privilege I am really thankful for, if only to be a living witness to their level of expertise and dedication.

Sir Jude giving me the iconic Vidal Sasson Five-Point Haircut

According to Sir Jude (and as verified by the world wide web), this haircut is one of the most iconic yet complicated to execute. I felt so giddy that I now belong to the roster of people with this signature cut that includes Rihanna, Keira Knightley, and Grace Coddington. I may have a love-hate relationship with my hair, but in that moment I don't think I've ever loved or appreciated my hair as much. It held the precision haircut very well, and I really hope there's a magical button I can press so that this hairstyle and length can stay forever. 

Next it was Miss Rose's turn to transform me.

My hair underwent three bleach baths, each eliminating different color tones (reds, bronzes, and coppers for the first and yellows on the second) but all serving the purpose of providing a clear palette with which Miss Rose can work her magic on. 

I remember when I first had my hair dyed red almost two years ago. It hurt like twenty pairs of hands were pulling on my hair that I was nearly in tears and almost begged the stylist to take it off. Except for the blue streaks that Miss Rose did on my hair last year, I've actually never had my hair bleached before so to be honest I was a little scared. Thanks to Miss Rose's skillful hands and this little potion below, I didn't have any reason to! 

Free of silicone or oils, Olaplex links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. Because of Olaplex, my hair actually came out better and softer, not fried nor damaged like on those bleach horror stories!

Blondes have more fun! I almost didn't want to proceed after seeing my hair this white because I thought it looked cool. But nope, I came here for one thing, and so...

For this session, Miss Rose used Elgon on me. Elgon is an Italian brand that originated in Milan, international capital of fashion and style, in 1970. The brand grew by formulating and producing color cosmetics and has been working for over 40 years with professional hairdressers who believe in the power of beauty and creative capacity of their work. Today Elgon is present in over 70 countries and currently holds an Innovative Training Academy in Florence. They have also sent Sir Jude and Miss Rose to different countries across Asia as well as regions in the Philippines to train hairdressers and share their craft. I'll let you see for yourself how it worked on me. Dun dun dun dunnn...

Et voilĂ  violet!

My Lavendream Five-Point Haircut from the back while Sadness looks on, jealous of my hair
So bold, so lush, so lavender! Frankly I felt like I was a fairy! My boyfriend loves it, I love it, everyone loves it! I am in love with the color and cut and I don't think I'll be going back to black anytime soon.

Sir Jude and Miss Rose also gave me more Elgon products for maintenance and color care. I got the Shampoo and Serum from the Elgon Argan Haircare line as well as the Elgon I/care Haircolor Rinse Coloring Conditioning Cream in Viola Intenso (Deep Violet) and I have been using them ever since! I especially like I/care; I use it when I feel like my hair starts looking dull (as lavender hair is wont to do) and it instantly becomes a healthy and vibrant shade of violet again!

In conclusion, Sir Jude and Miss Rose are the best people to ever happen to my hair and I can't stress this enough. You pay a premium price but it if you have funds to spare, why not? I guarantee that it's a magical experience from beginning to end. The best thing about it? This kind of magic is not fictional - they can really perform your biggest fantasies for your hair and make it a reality. I should know, I experienced it myself.

My favorite look with this hair: lined and mascara'd eyes, sparkly lids, and pink lips
Mauve, hot, rosey, pale - all shades of pink work!
Another year beckons, and if you're looking to transform your hair [and your life in the process], then book a consultation with them soon by calling (02) 822 5673. They get crazy busy come the holidays (case in point: there were six other ladies in the salon with me including my friend Phoebe, but they're masters in multi-tasking and not once did I feel neglected) so get on that phone now.

I know I said I've dreamt of having this hair for so long, but I didn't know the extent of how much I wanted it until I finally had it. Even now I look in the mirror and get pleasantly surprised. Right now I already have roots but it still looks good! (Shameless plug: Follow me on Instagram for lavendream hair updates.) Thank you for this transformation, Sir Jude and Miss Rose!

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