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14 December 2015

You know how I always remind you to take care of your hearts? Well, I failed to take care of mine and she got broken. We're doing okay, though. We did it before, we're going to do it again. Even with all the hurt, there is hope.

I finished reading The Graveyard Book over the weekend and as always, I am left in awe over the amazing Neil Gaiman. I imagine walking inside his mind and encountering an endless slew of mystical and indescribable characters, all with their own stories waiting to be told.
"At the best of times, his face was unreadable. Now his face was a book written in a language long forgotten, in an alphabet unimagined. Silas wrapped the shadows around him like a blanket, and stared after the way the boy had gone, and did not move to follow."
No one writes similes and metaphors the way Gaiman does.

The Graveyard Book is about a child named Bod (short for Nobody Owens) who was thrust into the graveyard's care after a man named Jack killed his family and attempted to kill him, too. The story has ghosts, a guardian that's neither alive nor dead, ghouls, a young witch who was burned at the stake, ancient convocations, school bullies, imaginary friends, a dance with Death, and a lot of other adventures that only a young boy who spends fourteen years of his life living in a graveyard could have. Majority of the characters are not part of the living anymore, but the story vibrates with life! It's a beautiful book about growing up and dealing with change, even when you don't want to or you don't think you can.

Another story about growing up is The Little Prince, and I finally got to see the animated movie last night.

The animation is exquisitely beautiful. Those scenes that feature the stars? Breathtaking. But I don't know, maybe I waited for the movie for far too long (I've been anticipating it ever since I read the production news more than a year ago) and in that length of time my expectations were built so high that I found it a bit... lacking? I don't know. Nevertheless, it has a beautiful story with important lessons that most of us might have forgotten already, lost in this frantic world of adulting. If you haven't read the book yet, please do so. May we never forget what is essential.

Here is this week's Currently!


Carljoe Javier's The Kobayashi Maru of Love is affecting me too much, I am parking that for a while and choosing something else to read. I need to finish at least one more book before the year ends.

At least one short story before the year ends? I seriously need to stop doubting myself.

Christmas carolers singing outside.

Nothing. I am a blank slate. I refuse to over-think.

Okay, I guess.

I don't know how to answer the rest of the questions so I'm stopping here. Thank you for reading. I hope you're doing great this holiday season amidst the crazy. Heh. Eleven days before Christmas and I haven't gone Christmas shopping yet!

Take care of your hearts. ♥

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