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07 December 2015

Krissyfied Makes was officially launched at Bloggers United 10 yesterday, and the first products I sold under this dream brand are my watercolor postcards.

I lugged everything from my home to the bazaar in World Trade Center and organized and designed my booth myself. I wanted to paint a new poster to put in that white frame but I didn't have the time so I just put my Agrabah watercolor painting in there. I know it still looks barren but considering it's my first time to do this I am quite proud of what I did. (Maybe next time I can even add more products and sell more items like notebooks and memo pads? That's the dream.) What do you think? 

My booth neighbor Alex and our friend Anne!
My lucky charm was a little late but he still came. :)
My youngest customer Elise bought a bundle! Cutie-patootie!
TOMS crew!
We were #TeamBatman at BU9
Theme at BU10 was Star Wars because The Force is strong
Acknowledgments time! I would like to thank the following: Aisa, Ana, and the rest of the BU Squad for making BU10 possible; Alex, John, and Jona for being fun booth neighbors; Anne for visiting; Miah for coming and scanning my watercolor paintings (the postcard wouldn't have been possible without him and his scanner, heehee); my officemate Patrick for lay-outing the postcards; everyone who dropped by my booth to chat with me about my paintings (I especially liked those who recognized my tribute to How I Met Your Mother); everyone who bought from my booth; and everyone who've been sending me messages to order! My heart is grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

My Krissyfied Makes Postcards bundles look like this
Perfect as gifts to your friends who love collecting artsy stuff and/ or writing letters!
I am selling them for P50 each or P200 for a bundle of five. Please email me thru for orders. I am also selling them soon via the Shopee app. 

That's it for my mini advertisement of my wares. Hee. Here is this week's Currently!


The Kobayashi Maru of Love by Carljoe Javier.

My Christmas shopping list.

My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears.

Birthday plans, Christmas plans, rest-of-the-year plans.

Harried. Can the rest of the year go a little bit slower, please?

My hair because I am now a purple belle thanks to JuRo Salon Exclusif! Sir Jude gave me a rockin' pixie cut with an undercut. It's so pretty. I honestly haven't decided yet whether I like this better than my lavendream hair. I will post about my new hair soon!

The rest of the year goes smoothly. Christmas is a little more than two(!!!) weeks away and I am starting to get anxious.

How are your holiday plans coming along? I hope everything goes smoothly for you, too. ♥

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