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18 December 2015

It’s no big secret that I’m a little, umm, geography-challenged. I can face challenged head-on but when the challenge is locating a place or going through unfamiliar territory, well, let’s just say that I would prefer it if someone else is there leading the way. These days, even though I don’t drive, Waze and Google Maps are my friends. If only you could Waze the way to anywhere, including to the place where all your dreams would have already come true and you’ll just meet your future self there to enjoy the fruits of your labor, am I right? Heh.

Kidding aside, can I just say that it’s amazing how we continuously utilize technology to find ways to make things easier for us? Case in point, through the new SM Supermalls’ Mobile App, you never have to walk all the way to the Information Center nor use those touch-screens to direct you where you want to go inside the mall, or find out if what you want to look for can be found in the said SM mall to begin with! With just a few taps on your mobile device, information can now be found at the tip of your fingers!

I know that SM malls are relatively easy to traverse as compared to, say, the rest of Metro Manila, but come on, when you’re in a mad holidaze dash or feeling very hungry, you wouldn’t want to wait until you find someone you can get information from. You would want the information right at that instant. This new app gives you that, and more!

I spent the weekend at my aunt’s house in Malinta and last Saturday, we went to SM Center Valenzuela with my cousins for groceries and watercolor paper (as I brought all my watercolor paraphernalia but forgot to bring paper). I’ve only been there twice before and I haven’t really had the chance to explore the mall, so I thought of using the app I just downloaded and chose SM Center Valenzuela from the list of SM malls in the menu.

In here you can find options for Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, and Services:

Choosing one option will give you a list of stores and services under that category, in alphabetical order. Makes it so much easier to look for what bookstores are in that particular mall!

Looking for a place to eat in also becomes easier as you can just take a look at the restaurants listed in the mall you’re in and then decide what you’re craving for.

Movie schedules? No problem. The Entertainment category takes care of that.

It lists down the movies available there and the schedules for that day! How convenient!

Meanwhile, my favorite feature of the Services category is how it directs you to the locations of the banks and ATMs for emergency financial needs (like if those cute pair of shoes are on sale right now)!

Now if only this app can also make people using the ATM before you do their transactions faster! Seriously, what is up with that? But oh well, a girl can dream.

Once you’ve zeroed in on a target [store], you can then view directions on what level and section of the mall it is located.

If you need to change malls, it also has a built-in Map to direct you there!

Not that I would need any help getting to SM North EDSA. I practically grew up there. Heh.

Admittedly, a lot of things have changed inside SM North EDSA’s walls, and so this feature is helpful to me also:

Opening hours, a map of the whole mall, et cetera, all here. SM has truly got it all for you!

Yet another one of my favorite features of this app: Your profile displays coupons for discounts or freebies you can easily claim, just keep on checking this tab for special promotions! You can also get coupons via your feed, so check it out regularly for exciting promotions! Everything you 'liked' will be stored in your feed for future reference. :)

And that’s it for a mini “tour” of the new SM Supermalls Mobile App. I highly recommend that you download it, free from the Apple Store and Play Store. If anything, this will save you time and money because you won’t be spending needless minutes or hours of your time consequently buying something you didn’t really need, while you are walking around the mall in circles looking for that thing you went there for.

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