A thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs

09 May 2015

It took me about three hours to get home last night, I'm currently nursing a massive headache that wouldn't go away even after two Advils, and I haven't been able to do any writing done even though the deadline for my manuscript looms closer... but I couldn't stop smiling. 

It was a long time coming, you guys, but last night I finally got to see Owl City perform live!

Adam Young's tweets and Instagram captions give me life
Spontaneous non-plans are the best. I went to the office yesterday dreading my work load and feeling sorry to be missing Owl City (again!) but, hey, I guess third time's the charm!

Audio wasn't as clear as we would have wanted, but no complaints!
Thank you Bonifacio High Street for this free concert!
It was very humid and the heat was rising from the ground but armed with our paper placemats, Miah and I found a spot with a far-away but sweet view of the stage and the lightning bolts on the not-so-distant sky. I haven't got all the lyrics of his songs memorized - some of them sound the same to me and some I only recognized by the time he got to the chorus - but he sang most of my favorites and then some. I got so kilig when he performed Fireflies!

Dim/ grainy photo is dim/ grainy.
I couldn't help but feel a wee bit disappointed that he didn't sing The Saltwater Room and Vanilla Twilight, though. (I was counting on him changing the lyrics to "drenched in Manila twilight," heh.) I love Adam Young's songs because even though they sometimes sound like a bunch of whimsical gibberish, they're actually very dreamy. And charming. And lovely.

It was a magical Owl City minus Vanilla Twilight plus Vanilla Cupcake Bakery night, because after the concert, Miah took me for a cupcake at the quaint cafe that has apparently been there for about two years now but I have unfortunately never noticed before. (I've only ever been to their Glorietta branch.)

Which is odd, because Vanilla Cupcake Bakery looks like my personality applied in 3D.

Chandeliers make me happy. Even my blog sidebar says so.
I had a red velvet cupcake, and it was perfect because I've been craving for one and I got the last piece available.

I couldn't have asked for a better person to go with!
Thanks, Miah!
And then I got home at 2 AM because of poor urban planning, major traffic jams, and stupid rerouting decisions. Heh.

Still, fun times were had. No regrets. ♡ 


  1. Cool! The universe conspired to let you watch owl city! :)

  2. I am yet to own a pair of Toms but every time I pass by the ones on display, I am lovestruck! Even more now after discovering the history behind it.

  3. FINALLY! LOL I still remember few post (YEARS) ago when you said you wanted to watch him live but couldn't, and I was so excited about it too eventhough it wasn't me who's going, lol.

    aahhh I haven't met him yet, I love him and his weird/geeky personality. And yes, his lyrics are just so... randomly whimsical, or whimsically random haha

  4. The brand's history is very inspiring! I was so touched when I first learned all about it during our first meeting with them. :)

  5. I KNOOOOOOOW!!! Feels too long ago when I posted that! Well, actually, that was REALLY a long time ago - five years!

    I hope you also get to see him perform live, Tiara!


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