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29 January 2015


I was privileged to spend the last three day and two nights in Balesin Island, one of the most beautiful places I will probably get to visit in this lifetime, because of my job. Basically, they paid me to be there. Please remind me of this post every time I feel like complaining about the littlest work-related things I am stressed about.

My kind of blues. Breathtaking.
I survived running on three to four hours of sleep, caffeine, and adrenaline; put my fear of flying on small airplanes at the deep recesses of my mind and actually flew, and; got over my terrible shyness and came closer to a lot of people! 

Life's better with sandy toes
I haven't completely decided on it yet, but if I were asked to name the most amazing things I experienced with ARC PR, this trip would most probably top my list.

I have so many stories to share but exhaustion has crept up on me and my bed is calling. In the meantime, please check out the #NiveaComeCloser hashtag on Instagram to see posts from everyone who was able to go to the Nivea Come Closer three-day event!

Thank you so much, Nivea! And thank you Universe for bringing me here!

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