Currently Vol. 51

21 December 2015

51? 51? 51?? 

Week by week, I try my hardest to string a few words together for these Currently posts, and now we're already at the second to the last post for this year? Bittersweet. Where have all the days gone?

Every day is a lesson, and the most important one I learned recently is that I shouldn't depend on someone else to complete me.

This stenciled hugot on a pedestrian lane in Valero Street shouldn't ask for someone to supply the missing piece. He/ she should be complete on his/ her own, and then look for someone to complement that completeness. ♥


The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. It's an interesting story about a retired man who was supposed to just go to the mailbox to post a letter to an old friend who wrote to say she has cancer, but then ended up walking the whole 600 miles to her, convinced that so long as he keeps walking, she would not die. I'm almost halfway through and I'm hoping to finish this before the year ends.


The spirit is willing but the body is weak. I went to Fully Booked in Greenbelt to get gifts for other people but ended up getting this one for myself. I should feel guilty, but I just feel like doing a happy dance because I really, really wanted my own copy. At least I can chalk it up as a Christmas gift to myself, right?

An updated Christmas list. I've already crossed off the majority of people in my list but I still need to go on a couple of last minute shopping runs for gifts.

Nate Ruess. His concert is less than a month away, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I already got tickets to his Manila show! I CAN'T WAIT!

Of the future. 2016 is a milestone year for me as I will be turning 30, so I expect a lot of changes will happen not only on my mindset but also on my long-term plans.

Last week I had lunch with AC, a blog-friend who currently works and resides in Singapore (Hi, AC!) It's always amazing to see how easy it is to fall into conversation with blog-friends even on our first time meeting in person! We talked about a lot of things, and now I'm feeling an itch to go back to Singapore!

Holidazed. This slew of parties and get-togethers is expected to happen until next month, and I'm just trying to reserve all the energy I can.

Catching up with friends over yummy dinner is always nice, though. I love my friends. (Hi Kira, Alex, and Anne!)

Girl Stuff's Holiday collection.

I still can't choose which one among Temptation, Utopia, or Zenith will be my Christmas nails. Or maybe the Solique Gel Polish by Girl Stuff in Desire? They're all beautiful and holiday party-ready!

All people I'm giving gifts to to like what I chose for them.

Nope, that is not Sadness's new boyfriend. (Although I'm sure she would want him to be. Heh.) The Batman DC Comics Icons toy figure is a [not-so-surprise] gift [because he chose it] for Miah.

More time to finish the rest of my Christmas shopping and wrap my gifts, maybe?

And because I'm a masochist, I'm also painting and making my own gift tags.

... I don't know, really. Let me think about that and get back to you ASAP. Hee.

And that's it for now. Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? Christmas crammer-mode will commence starting tomorrow. You have been warned. Take care of your hearts! ♥

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