"In the future, these will be the good ol' days!"

01 April 2013

Less than 24 hours ago, I was in SMART-Araneta Coliseum with thousands of other people who came to forget our woes and just listen to great music by The Script live. I have loved them ever since The Man Who Can't Be Moved was released and I have been waiting for this concert since they told us two years ago that they will be back.

Last night, they made true to their word and I sure as hell wouldn't have missed it for the world. Aside from being a big fan of the band, I really love going to concerts!

In keeping with their tradition of taking a photo of the crowd in every show, here is Manila's Twitpic from last night, complete with Easter bunnies! Image quality has greatly improved from the last time they were here! See Manila's 2011 Twitpic here.
I watched it with my friend Jonas and his boyfriend Dao. It's always nice to see people fall in love (and I do say this without any hint of bitterness in my heart LOL), even more so when it happens to two people who couldn't be more perfect for each other. :) Thank you for letting me be a third wheel and for sharing the experience with me!

Unlike other concerts I've been to, I didn't bother taking videos or lots of photos last night because I really wanted to savor the moment and just be there. Haven't you noticed other people being so caught up with trying to get the perfect shot that they stop enjoying the moment? Stefan is right - why bring iPads to concerts? And if you're so hell-bent in taking great videos to watch on Youtube later on, why not stay at home and just watch on Youtube in the first place?

But anyway, aside from the Twitpic above that came from the lads themselves, the three photos here are three awesome shots my friend Jonas took while we were busy dancing around and singing our hearts out ^_^

Oh Danny, I love you and your perfect face.
Truth be told, The Script is the ONLY band/ artist whose songs I know by heart. I love EVERY song in their albums so you bet I really enjoyed singing along without a care in the world. I mean, I am a huge Britney fan but some of her songs are just bleh (really, Mmm Papi? Really?)

I just wish they sang more songs from the new album, though. It was a tour to promote #3, after all. I really wanted to hear No Words, Give the Love Around, and Glowing (even though I feel it's a masochist's song, but it sounds perfect when Danny sings it hee), and don't you think Millionaires is such a perfect concert-y song? With lyrics like "singing our hearts out, standing on chairs, spending our time like we are millionaires", could the song be more suitable? Still, I am happy to know that last night was the first time they did a second encore, EVER. Manila is really special, I guess. (A little side-story: when they sang Good Ol' Days at the end, which was also the first song, Jonas said they should have repeated all their songs from the top! Haha!)

And then it rained confetti in the middle of Hall of Fame.

Ticket-money very well spent. I love you, my beautiful Irish boys. Thank you for blessing us with your music and for letting us express ourselves more freely with your songs! You made my month. Nay, you made my year! What a perfect way to cap off March and welcome my birthmonth. See you again very, very soon. ;)

"Oh we'll remember this night when we're old and gray, 'cause in the future, these will be the good ol' days!"


  1. story of my life ;A; when I tried to snap pictures in a concert I ended up with 7634 useles blurry pictures, lol. Although it does feel good too to be able snapping a good pic because when we see it again later it feels more personal than all the youtube videos.

    but then again, I am a wild chick in a concert, so no, snapping pics isn't for me -_-"

    and by the way, thanks to you, I revived my love for these boys. I almost forgot how beautiful "I'm yours" was and how "the man who can't be moved" was a song I can still sing without peeking into the lyric site at all, and how I still love "If you see kay" because I can secretly curse while singing, lol.

    I so will sing their songs tomorrow when I go to Karaoke, mwuahahahaah

  2. Ang saya talaga! :)
    Ako naman I love documenting, gusto ko na bumili ng flip video dahil fail palagi camera ko haha ;p Till next concert!

  3. I left my camera and I have a hint of regret but I enjoyed every single moment of the concert, even at the uppermost part of Araneta!


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