Evening Makeup with Maquillage Professionnel

27 April 2013

I've always been a powder-and-lipgloss kind of girl but I also love prettifying myself up for special events or for those times when I just feel like it. I've wanted to enroll in a makeup class for so long now but I never got the chance (or the funds) to; somehow tutorials in Youtube, beauty blogs, and Allure magazines have been enough.

I am not one to let a chance to go to a make-up class for free just pass me by, though. As an added perk to working for ARC PR, we were enrolled to Maquillage Professionnel's Personal Make Up Module! Located in Burgos Circle, MP School of Make Up Artistry provides technical training for both individuals who seek to become professional make-up artists. They also have modules for novices like me who just want to learn the basics.

Today's lesson concentrated on Evening Makeup. This is important for us because we also hold evening events and the last thing we want to happen is to not appear presentable to clients and guests.

For Evening Makeup, there are only two things you have to remember: intense and dramatic. After a quick demo by Miss Yuki on my boss Jenny, we got to work on our own. This is where going to classes is better than Youtube tutorials - you get to see the techniques in person and you get immediate feedback whether what you're doing is right or not.

and lots...
of colors!
If you want to enroll in a class but you are worried that you don't have enough makeup or tools at your disposal, you don't have to worry because MP provides everything for their students. You just have to show up!

My and my officemate Rica's BEFORE photo
This is us without any speck of makeup on!
This is me after primer, foundation, concealer, and setting powder
My and Rica's "workstation" heehee
And here are our AFTER photos!

And me!
I really, really, really love this MakeUp ForEver lipstick that perfectly matches my Absolutely Fuchsia nail polish from Anny!
I admit I had a bit of a problem with the eyeshadow because I couldn't determine where the crease should be ha ha, so I'm thankful that Miss Yuki was very patient with me and taught me a technique I can use to make it much easier!

I am looking forward to finishing the rest of the module! I'd like to thank my bosses Jenny and Celine for this! Now I need to go shopping for more makeup because I realized how much I lack... I mean, I've never even used concealer on myself before this, thus the concealer-less existence of my traincase. I also need a great eyeliner and a new eyebrow pencil. And a blush palette, too,! As I said on my previous post, "Costing me lots of money, this job is. Oh well." It's fun being a girl! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

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