Basically, I need a three-day weekend.

13 April 2013

When I first started working I promised myself that I would never become too busy for my blog. I know this started out as a hobby for me as I love writing and sharing stories but I really take this seriously so I want to set time aside to be able to update it at least every other day. I don't want my site to be like one of those that fizzed and burned after being neglected for a while. 

Writing here when I was still working in HSBC was easy-peasy as I never had to bring work home; basically after being in the office for nine hours a day I could already do whatever I wanted with my time. The scenario is very much different these days. Because I live far from Makati, three hours of each workday is spent traveling to and from work. Now because of the transport vans' schedule I have no choice but to be in the office for about eleven hours a day. When I do finally get home, I am too tired already after checking out blogs and online communities and seeding marketing materials to bloggers the whole day at work that most nights I just want to rest and sleep early or zone out by reading in my Kindle.

Such a long introduction, but really I just want to share a quick summary of how this crazy-busy week went for me. :)


My super cute flash drive!
I guess my birthday's not over yet. My carpool-mate handed me this and a lot of other goodies on our way to work. What a sweet and thoughtful way to start my week.

ForMe vest | Crissa jeans | So Fab! heels | Swanlake Accessories necklace | SM Accessories bracelet and watch
One rainy lunch break in Teriyaki Boy a few weeks ago, Alex, Kira, and I came up with a crazy but fantastic idea of wearing what the two others would most probably wear. This is my take on "What Would Alex Wear", androgynous and sexy.


Dalandan juice, sashimi, baked oysters, and pizza from Felix in Greenbelt 5
There has been a major change in the company I work for and Kira and I met for lunch with Jenny and Vinnie on a work holiday so we can discuss and finalize some things. I don't mind being dragged out of my bed on a day that should be spent resting if I would be fed these heehee.

Afterwards, Kira treated me to Speculoos gelato from BONO.

I love being a birthday girl.

I organized the books in my Kindle and found this gem. The timing couldn't have been better, really.
It feels like too many people I know (directly or not) passed away this week. Nothing reminds us of our own mortality than knowing of someone's death, and all I could only pray for is for their families and loved ones to get all the support they need in this dark and painful grieving time.


Dress from Miss Sixty | Purse from Cinderella
Leave me a kiss before you go.
We had a big event for SMART and it was well-attended by VIPs, celebrities, and friends from both traditional and online media. It was the first SMART party I went to where I didn't win a phone ha ha, but it's okay because I had a great time meeting lots of interesting people. It was the first major ARC event where I was the one who sent out the invites so I was pressured to make a good first impression but I think I did alright. :)


After a huge event the previous night, we had another on Friday and this time, it was a pool party for kids! It was exhausting but a lot of fun! I really wanted to jump in the pool but I didn't bring a swimsuit. Drats. I will blog about this soon, still waiting for photos from the official photographers.

After a short program, the event host Issa Litton went around to interview the audience about summer fashion. She said she liked my dress and glasses and asked me a couple of questions that I gladly answered. I was surprised when I was handed Toy Kingdom gift certificates after! As you can guess, I went a little crazy in Toy Kingdom...

Mike Wazowski pillow and ottoman!
Two monsters staring back at me.
Mike Wazowski!
Monsters, Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie so I'm really excited for the prequel showing soon! I am even more excited for this than the new Iron Man movie. I love funny looking monsters (my favorite in all the Toy Story movies are the Aliens from Pizza Planet and I have collected quite a few items featuring them already) so it's only natural that I gravitated towards Mike heehee.


A package from Neutrogena arrived! This is from the event they invited me to last Monday (which I am also going to blog about soon because it is really amazing news for all Neutrogena fans out there) and I really appreciate the gesture. All of their events that I have gone have been really great so I'd like to thank them for including me in their roster of bloggers!

Swimsuits from The Closet Queen
It's been awfully hot and humid these days and even though I spent last weekend swimming, I would really like to teleport to the beach right now and use my new swimsuit. I got two new swimsuits here but only one is mine as I would be giving the other one away! Watch out for my next post ;)

Cue abrupt ending LOL. I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!


  1. Those swimsuits and Monsters Inc items are cute :) The drinks look so refreshing right now...Although you're busy with work (and your work sounds pretty cool) it seems like you know how to have fun in your free time! I know a lot of bloggers who work full time/have kids swear by scheduling posts in advance. I'm still working on it...Love your outfits and other pictures!

  2. I super love your Alex outfit! Hahaha I need to plan my Kira and Krissy outfits na!

  3. Hi there :) I really want that chair beside you. Do you know where can i still buy it?? I'm actually collecting Monsters University stuffs and I love them as much as you do!!!

  4. Hi Shaneee! I got them from Toy Kingdom in SM Makati, but this post is from over a year ago, I'm not sure if they still have stocks. Good luck! :)


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