23 April 2013

Today should have been my 6th year with HSBC if I didn't take the leap more than eight months ago. As it is, I am now in an industry that can be really stressful at times most of the time but I think I'm doing okay.

Dress - Juana | Corset belt - YRYS | Shoes - Ferretti

I don't go to as much bloggers' events as I used to because I am now part of the team who plans these events; just today we did two press launches for two separate clients. I have met a lot of interesting people and my social circle has become wider - I just hope there's a single man in there somewhere ha ha - and honestly, although I juggle a lot of tasks and responsibilities, I couldn't be happier.

Now, if there's anything I can leave you with, I guess it's an advice to never underestimate the power of a good great cocktail ;)

The newest cocktails of Aria Cucina Italiana concocted by renowned mixologist Tim Walters.
Description of these yummy drinks coming soon!
It's always amazing to see passion in action. No regrets. ❤

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  1. So cute with that dress, Krissy!! :) I'm glad you're happy with your current career despite the "stress" it brings! Hope I can find a job that suits me, too!


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