April's swan song

30 April 2013

Is it just me, or did you also feel like April was never going to end?

I feel like I say this every month, but really, it feels like April is the busiest month for me at work, what with all the events we had and reports I needed to do. Honestly I feel a little overwhelmed sometimes, but then I recognize that it is a good problem, and the only time I would need to be worried is if I don't have to do anything for work at all.

Aside from an eventful month work-wise, April was also special for me because I turned 27 this year. Time to really concentrate on skin care, baby! I'd like to thank everyone who made me feel loved and special on my birthmonth. I feel so blessed because of you all. And yes, I guess it really ain't over 'til it's over, because today I received a special gift from the Glamourbox team!

Green Beauty Box
I loved everything in the box, and you know I am not saying that just because I got this as a gift. Even if I paid the regular monthly subscription fee of P595, I would feel that it's really more than worth it! I will share more about the products inside the box once I've taken better photos.

Today I also let my imagination take me wherever it wants to go! I went to the press launch of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 in Rockwell Tent with my friend/ officemate Rica and here is what I came up with:

My pair is totally out of this world! I think it has now become my favorite among my humble Havaianas collection because I customized it according to my taste, and you know I LOVE aliens and astronomy ;)
And this is worth mentioning: this month, I informally started a "mutual admiration club" with Riz. I have been a silent reader of her blog for years now and whenever I feel a little blue, I just type her URL, read away, and find peace instantly. I don't know but there's just something about the way she writes that resonates with me so much. Anyway, I've loved her blog for so long but I never found the courage to leave a comment because... I don't know, really. But just last week, she left a comment in one of my favorite personal posts and said that I remind her of "those days when bloggers blog what's in their hearts like no one's reading." And I guess that level of sincerity and honesty is what I've always wanted to put across in my posts. I admit that sometimes I feel tired of blogging but then I come across bloggers like Riz and I am reminded again of how much I really love writing and sharing a piece of me to anyone who would care to read what I put out there. Now I promise to leave a comment in all the blogs I like to let them know I appreciate them. If you are reading this, why don't you leave your link in the comments so that I can say hi to you?

So there, my friends, it's already May. Have you already decided who to vote for? Personally I need to dedicate at least half a day to read through the hopeful politicians' platforms and plans for the country. I must find time to do that this weekend.

My wish for you, today and always.
This lovely banner from the lovely Meream now hangs in my office cubicle to remind myself of what I really want to impart to the world. If I can sprinkle these three things to add a little more joy to everyone, then so be it, world. Consider it done. ♥ 


  1. Christeen CerenoMay 1, 2013 at 2:50 AM

    hi Krissy :) April is indeed a
    very busy month. It’s been four months now since I asked your opinion about a
    dress I wanted to wear in our Christmas party in Republic. I got very busy with some of
    my project posted here - http://www.senyoritalakwachera.com/search/label/Fashion and I haven’t
    got time to post the dress I created and wore for that party which I would love
    you to see. The event went well and I want to say thanks even if it’s quite
    late already.

    xoxo - christeen

  2. Kissy Kreme!! Yeah, I miss "those days when bloggers blog what's in their hearts like no one's reading" too!! :/

  3. Kissy Kreme!! Yeah, I miss "those days when bloggers blog what's in their hearts like no one's reading" too!! :/

    p.s Kissy Kreme, this disqus doesn't like me :(

  4. Hi Christeen, I remember! Oh wow I checked your designs and you're really good at this! I wish I know how to draw/ design and make my own clothes. But then again, I don't think I would find time for my job anymore if I do :D

  5. Christeen CerenoMay 1, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    Thanks for checking my works - I'm sure you can do better
    than those if you would learn. I think you are so artistic and creative and you are one of those who inspires me to start my own blog :) keep on inspiring!

  6. Thank you VERY much, that really means a lot! :)

  7. Hello! I've been reading your blog for some time now and I don't think that I've ever left a comment yet. But here it is :) I should also start leaving comments to all blogs I like, I've been a silent reader of numerous blogs for so long. Hihi


  8. Hi Meesh, nice to meet you! :)


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