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15 April 2013

The first teaser for Catching Fire has just been released, and oh my holy Mockingjays, ALL THE FEELS AND THE GOOSEBUMPS AND THE CHILLS.

Effie Trinket. The Capitol's extravagance. The poor old man saluting the victors from District 12 and getting shot because of it. Katniss' tears and Jennifer Lawrence's acting ability. Haymitch. THE KISS. Prim. Gale's whipping. Snow and Plutarch discussing the supposed reason for the Quarter Quell - this brings me back to the first Hunger Games movie that feels like a condensed yet expanded version of the book! Ahhhhhh!! TO THINK THEY HAVEN'T EVEN SHOWN FINNICK YET.

I am speechless but at the same time there're so many things I want to say! What is this bug that has gotten over me??



  1. I just watched The Hunger Games movie like a week ago and I liked it a lot! (Now I understand why everyone was all over it when the movie was released.) I'm going to buy and read the books hopefully this summer. I'm also excited to see Catching Fire! >_<

  2. So near yet so far.... Ang tagal ng November!


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