All in a Day's Work: Make Up Factory

02 April 2013

One of the things I love most about my job is the chance to work with a lot of brands from different industries. Aside from being one of the first to know about new products, services, or events, I also get to look at things from other perspectives other than that of a consumer's. Brand immersions are important especially when handling new clients to ensure that the PR plan we'll present to them is aligned with their brand values, image, and vision. Also, I believe that "we cannot really sell an idea unless we believe in that idea ourselves" and it has proven itself accurate at many different instances.

Last week my girl office-mates and I had a brand immersion with a make up brand that originated in Germany, the Make Up Factory. As a girl who loves make up, this new client really made me excited! Known as a "masstige" brand, Make Up Factory rests in the comfortable middle ground between expensive prestige brands and mass-produced, less pricey make up brands.

Make Up Factory's pioneer branch is located in Bonifacio High Street, near LUSH
We spent around a couple of hours looking at gorgeous colors. ♥

We were also given a crash course on all their products: their names, what they do, and the different shades and finishes available. What's great is that we were able to test the products as we went along. We were even given many tips on how we can make the most out of their products and make ourselves prettier by using the right tools.

We also got makeovers! Anne and I opted not to anymore but Far and Rica did!

Flood of colors! My favorite part was when were told we could get a bottle of Anny nail polish and a Make Up Factory lipstick of our choice each! See we had a hard time deciding which colors to choose, so these HAD to happen:

My hand is the one in the bottom left. I painted my nails one different color for each to help me decide hee.
From left to right: Pool Girl, Absolutely Fuchsia, Green Meets Mint, Goldfinger, The Answer is Love
From left to right: Baywatch, Ready to Go, Have a Look, Miss Perfect, Cover Girl
Can you guess what I chose? It was really difficult as all the colors were really pretty and vibrant (I applied only one coat each!) but in the end I went with Absolutely Fuchsia since looking at all that glittery pink goodness made me happy ha ha. I kinda regret that I did not get Miss Perfect, but Anny will be available in Make Up Factory and select SM branches for P480 each soon!

For the lipstick, can you guess which one of these is mine?

Nope, it's not the light pink one, as many people have guessed ;p
I chose shade #273 Tangerine Orange because I remembered I have way too many pink and red lipsticks already but no orange yet. One look, and I knew! I guess I am in an orange-y mood lately, thanks but no thanks to this weather!

See what I mean? How do you like my sun-kissed lips? :)
I have started using the lipstick already and I am loving it so far! At P850 each, it is one "luxury" you won't feel guilty indulging yourself with. Watch out for my review!

Yes, this is work. ;) Thank you, Make Up Factory! I am looking forward to working with you further!

Make Up Factory is located in Bonifacio High Street. Visit their Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here.


  1. wow, what a fun time you had checking out this brand!

  2. oh wow this looks amazing! I wanna go there!

  3. Is it expensive? Im just a student and when I visit the store I wanna make sure I have enough cash ;-)

  4. Hi Maggie! Sorry for the late response, I didn't see this agad -_- Anyway, the prices are a bit higher than Revlon's, but lower than MAC's :)


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