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14 April 2013

What is up with this heat? I spent the last couple of hours updating a database for work while listening to Justin Timberlake's Pusher Love GirlBlue Ocean Floor, and That Girl on loop and wishing I am surrounded by sand and salt water instead. Good thing some girl friends and I are going out of town next weekend, and although we won't be going to the beach, we're still going to go swimming! My new pair of swimsuit from The Closet Queen couldn't have come at a better time ;)

A little backstory: if you peek at my closet circa 2007 - 2009 you will see that most of my clothes, bags, and accessories are from The Closet Queen; sometimes I even get the same piece in different colors, like this dress! That was the time I first started earning my own money and online shopping via Multiply was just beginning to gain foothold in the country (it has now been deleted when Multiply converted to a completely commercial site but I even had an old album containing photos of all my online purchases). Malou would sell the prettiest stuff and I wasn't able to resist! She has always been one of my favorite online sellers and I'm glad that she is back from a long hiatus although admittedly my wallet is not that excited about it hee.

For my birthday, she asked me to pick one swimsuit from her shop as a gift and another one to give away to one of my readers! These were sent to me last week:

Aren't they pretty?
Can you guess which one of these is mine? With the stripes, heart prints, and watermelon-color combination the green/ pink pair is so me!

I love it so much and I can't wait to wear it next weekend! Thanks so much, The Closet Queen!

Now, for the fun part. Would you like to win this pair?

The stripes are actually navy blue but my camera can't quite capture the correct color. If you love nautical pieces, this is perfect for you! I am actually a little tempted to keep it for myself (and even get myself one of these high-waist bandeaus). 。◕‿◕。

To join, just check out the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is open for everyone living in the Philippines! It ends on April 27 just because I turned 27 this year. Haha pagbigyan. Big thanks again to The Closet Queen!

Good luck, everyone! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


  1. OMG WAAANTT!! I should find a way to hack roflcoptr and make me win!!! HAHAHAHA... I've been craving for some swimsuit... considering it's always summer here, lol.. I love spending time in the water, and beaches, and pools, and going there with friends, omg so much fun x)

  2. I so love summer! I love going to the beach and spending time with people that I love and value the most!

    Name: Jes Roque

  3. Besides taking a break from studying and going to different places, spending quality time with my family is the most favorite thing I love about summer.

  4. When I was younger, I loved summer mainly because I'd go home to the province with my Dad, play with cousins, spend hours at the beach and play with Dad's pets. We had squirrels, geese, ducks, chickens, pigeons, piglets and turtles! It was such a thrill to get away from the city and just be a kid, not caring about school and waking up early.

    Now that I'm older (*cough cough*), I enjoy summer because it's that time of the year when I can wear my long flowy dresses and skirts, bare a little more skin and wear my unkempt or messy hair and instantly look beachy! Summer colors are also so invigorating, that's why I always wear bright red or orchid pink lip color! Also, the thought of having a summer fling is also enticing :D

    Kira Ramirez

  5. There are too many reasons for me to love summer. first I was born in summer and I think I am more closer to it, for I have a sunny smile on my face all day. I also like looking at white clouds floating in the blue sky. I enjoy the soft breeze blowing on my face. After a thunder-storm, we can see a beautiful rainbow, too. How wonderful these things are! On the other hand, we can do the things what we want in summer. For example, we can go swimming, go biking, eat ice creams and so on. We have a long summer holiday, then we have enough time to do anything we like. In summer, we must put on our T-shirts, shorts, then we run quickly, hike nimbly. In summer, there are also a lot of fruit which I love, like lychees, longans, papayas and so on.

    Name: Reylyn Cruz
    email add:

  6. You mean I cant enter? Awwww Krissy Kreme :'(

  7. and then I read it all over again and realized that I'm not living in the phillipines ;__; *flies to phillipines and hacks rafflecopter* (and yes, I love to call it roflcoptr XD)

  8. Sheela Marie CastilloApril 15, 2013 at 9:15 AM

    Good thing about summer? You can totally unwind with your friends and taking a break from school plus a time to finally show of your curves at the beach ☺

    Sheela Marie Castillo

  9. Ice pop! :)
    Marie Danicia Castro
    mariedanicia @ yahoo . com

  10. Ice Pop

    Amparo Berbenzana

  11. What I love about summer?
    Hmm, Beach! Non-stop party.
    Nothing to worry about projects,assignments!
    Just having fun!

    Iris Castillo

  12. What I love about summer is I can bond with my family - in some resort, quality time.
    Henley Tabal

  13. bonding with the family and family outings

    jeffrey john imutan

  14. outing with my families and friends :)
    dianne david

  15. monica kerstin dela cuestaApril 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Swimming, get together and sun bathing!
    Monica Kerstin M. dela Cuesta

  16. My favorite thing about summer is wearing my favorite bathing suit and try a lot of adventures in the island :)

    Jenny Esplana

  17. Beach and Pools...

    Suzette Bondoc

  18. The heat, the vacation, the beach, the sun, the sunnies, the family bondings!:D

    Karen Bernarte
    (I dont have Blog)

  19. The hot weather, the beaches, family vacations and friends getaway

    Name: Ma. Katherine B. Racaido
    Blog link:
    Email address:

  20. The priceless memories.
    Allan Reyes

  21. i love the bonding moments with my family! swimming!!! reunion..

    Arra Odeza

  22. My favorite thing about summer are the sleepless nights while enjoying your vacation.
    Kirsten Allysandra San Juan

  23. It is a trip with beaches with endless swimming ... ...
    Joyce Gabriel

  24. my favorite thing about summer is getting a tan :)

    camille quiambao

  25. Favorite thing about summer? Oh well the travel escapades! The heat of the sun, beaches, and outdoor activities! :))

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  26. i love the spontaneity that summer brings like going to the beach, not waking up early, do some jog & exercise and bounding time with my friends & family.. :>

  27. i love that thing that i not waking up early just to prepare my school things. i love thing that i am stress free! HAHA

    Shandie Valdez


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