Laissez-faire at Casa Lapa

21 April 2013

I know that like "literally", the word "epic" is literally one of the most overused words in the Internet. Epic meal, epic episode, epic movie, epic everything. But then again, it is indeed subjective and what might feel epic to you might not be it for me, and vice versa. In this case, I am sorely tempted to describe our weekend as such but I feel like doing so might be reductive but I don't know, that's just me.

Such a long-winding introduction, but here are some photos from our weekend where us four girls stayed in  Alex's farmhouse in Tagaytay and just let things be.

Persian food for dinner. Full body massage at Sesitra Spa. Road trip. Brunch at Bag Of Beans. Chocolate chips pancakes. Pineapples. Being surrounded by nature. Girl talk. Late lunch at Leslie's. Being serenaded by "Adele". '90s playlists. Dixit. Pink bunny. Monopoly Deal. Winning at life. Late night stories. Salted Caramel ice cream. Mochi. Mike Wazowski. Bananas and Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter. The search for pandesal. Hot showers. Lazy Tagaytay dogs. Nate Ruess. Buffalo's. Chili 'n Cheese Nachos. Buko tarts.

I have a lot more memories from this weekend, but my favorite is probably when we were already on our way back to the farmhouse after getting groceries. Imagine this: road trip on a nice day with the windows down and then a classic favorite song, "With a Smile", comes on the radio and you're with three of your favorite people and you all start singing along. Sweet, sweet life.

Here's hoping to more (forgive me) epic weekends like this. Thank you for being amazing, Anne, Alex, and Kira! ♥

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  1. Just reading this now made me realize, we didn't really do a lot of things. We didn't even go out of the farm too often. But it was really memorable! May playlist na. And I'll never see that pink bunny the same way again. :))


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