19 April 2013

Dear friends in the interwebs,

I am currently typing this now from a house somewhere in Las Piñas. What is a North girl like me doing in the South, you ask? Well, us three (Kira, Anne, and I) have been kidnapped by our friend Alex to stay the night in her house. Earlier we went to a Persian restaurant and then a spa after. Did you know that it was my first time to have a full body massage? What a great way to bid adieu to this exhausting week and welcome the weekend!

It gets better. Tomorrow morning we will wake up very early to go on a roadtrip further down South to stay in their farmhouse in Tagaytay! Can I hear a happy whoop?

So there. This is just a quick post to say I know I have been neglecting this blog for quite a while now blah blah and there are so many things I would love to share with you right now but I guess they can wait because this girl needs some time away from technology ;) For the meantime, why don't you join my The Closet Queen giveaway and get a chance to win a new bikini?

Goodnight, everyone. Gotta get me some rest before tomorrow's big day. Wishing you all a great weekend, too!

Peace, love, & lipgloss,

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