My Christmas 2012 Wish List

01 December 2012

A wink and a sigh, and it's December.

Posting my simple Christmas wish list here just in case Santa's feeling generous ;)

  • Kindle - I've wanted one for ages! This e-reader is in my wish list year after year (see 2011's), but until now I still haven't brought myself to get one. I don't even know how many generations Amazon has released, all I know is that I want even a basic model so I can lug my digital books everywhere! I have an Android app in my phone that currently holds more than 200 books and I've read more than 30 of them already, but the Kindle's electronic ink screen is more eye-friendly than my smartphone's backlight.
  • Typewriter - I used to have a typewriter with cursive letters, and the school projects and write-ups I produced using it were my favorites. Sadly I lost it together with all of our belongings and our house in a big fire. Now I want one again, maybe to complete my 'starving writer' image? I don't know. Nothing beats paper and ink, at least for me.
  • Digital camera - my camera has failed me yet again, and that is the reason why I've been having problems with photos for my blog lately. I need a decent point-and-shoot for events and just about any mundane thing I can post in the Internet that I alone find interesting.
  • Le Petit Prince Moleskine Planner - I was thisclose to getting one for myself the other day, but I wanted to hold out to see what Moonleaf Tea Shop will come up with for 2013, as I really made great use of my 2012 planner. But if someone will be willing to give me this, I would gladly and wholeheartedly accept. Crossed off on 5 December 2012!
  • The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy DVD collection - I admit, my heart sank a bit when I found out this P1,550 collection includes a copy of The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy, seeing as I bought myself that quite expensive book just last month. Thankfully it's only a 64-page excerpt. Whew. Now I know some people might wonder why I want this when I've already seen (and memorized some parts of) all three movies. BUT IT'S BATMAN, YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.
  • Sandman collection by Neil Gaiman - I love Neil Gaiman's works and it's a bit embarrassing that I haven't read any of this collection until last month. I got my first taste of the Sandman (umm, that sounded wrong) when I slept over at my officemate Anne's house. She and her boyfriend have the best. bookshelf. ever!!! I stayed up until past two in the morning finishing two books and only stopped when my imagination was already conjuring too many scary scenarios. I spent the rest of the next day nursing a terrible headache but it was worth it. Anne doesn't like lending out her books and I want my own copies, so, anyone? Haha.
  • Orly Star Spangled - In case you haven't noticed, I love movies and books and fictional worlds. This particular shade reminds me of Dorothy's iconic red slippers. It would be so cool to color my nails this red for Christmas, Valentine's Day, my birthday, and just about any occasion that needs red! And glitters!
  • The sweater with the red heart print may or may not symbolize my request to Santa for someone to hug this coming year. ;)

Because I am nosy, I want to know what your Christmas wish lists include! Who knows, if we wish hard enough, it might come true ♥ Happy December 1st, everyone! Let's all make the last month of 2012 count!


  1. I swear, I never run out of gadgets to want year after year. Haha! Last Christmas we finally got the iPad. Ngayon I really want a Kindle but I think I'll change phones nalang muna. Haha!

  2. Haha, I thought of including a phone din in my wish list, but then the phones I'm using now are okay pa naman. I really, really, really need a camera, though! -_-

  3. Hi, Krissy. I'm back after being MIA for a while.
    My new home has the name of my very first blog.
    Will be doing a lot of catching up. See ya!

  4. Hi, Krissy. I'm back after being m.i.a. for a while. My new home has the
    name of my very first blog. Will catch up with everyone else. See ya.

  5.  I have favor to ask. Could you please delete the comment / post with my photo? I got a bit confused with Disqus when I posting the last time I was here. Thanks, Krissy.


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