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13 July 2012

At 26 years old, I do get asked by some relatives about my plans to settle down and have kids. Thankfully I am quite skilled in brushing these questions away and steering the conversation to another topic because, umm, aside from the glaring fact that I don't have someone to start a family with, the thought of having kids scares the bejeezus out of me! It's not only the cost of diapers and milk that scares me; what I'm afraid of is the idea of bringing someone up in this big, scary world. It's not like I can easily give up after realizing my parenting skills are not at par, is it? Having kids is a HUGE responsibility and [of course] it's something that, when it comes, I want to be ready and mature enough for. I am still learning to take care of myself so I don't think the 'skills' I learned in the number of hours playing house and role-playing as mommy to my dolls when I was a kid plus my three years of living independently are enough to pull me through taking care of a baby.

However, I can still assume the role of a loving, much older cousin to Baby Gabriel who is now 3 months old ♥

Just like his mom, my Aunt Jean, I want the best for him. I'm thankful to KinderCare for giving me some products that are great for growing babies like him.
Loot of baby products including bottles, towel, wet wipes, digital thermometer, nail clipper and brush.
Do you know that KinderCare is the only mass-market local brand focused purely on performance and function? When bottles containing Bisphenol A (BPA) were found to be potentially harmful to infants, KinderCare chose to retain only 100% BFA-free bottles in their line.

Why go BPA-free?
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound used to make many plastics, including the kind used in other baby bottles. Recent studies have found that BPA has properties that mimic estrogen in the human body which could lead to health issues specially in the brain and behavior. Separate studies have also linked BPA to irregular reproductive development, thyroid disruption, increased cancer risk and irregular body weight. Researchers also believe that people may be more sensitive to BPA's effects during their infancy and early childhood.

KinderCare BPA-free Bottles
Baby Gab with a big BPA-free bottle
"Oh wait, you mean there's more??"
I saw the prices of the different baby products KinderCare carries and I am happy to tell you that at the range of P50 - P150 for baby bottles, cups, plates, etc., and P500 - P1,300 for baby carriers, they are very affordable and reasonable :) KinderCare products are also available all throughout the country so check the department store or baby specialty store nearest you to check these products out.

I'm not only saying this just because he's my cousin, but WHAT A CUTIE!!
Gahhhh I want to pinch those cheeks!
So adorbs. Baby Gab and his brother Jerico who is now 6 years old ♥
Thank you so much, KinderCare and ARC PR! My aunt Jean and (obviously from the photos) Baby Gab really appreciate them :)

Who knows, maybe starting a family won't be too hard when I find the right person *hinthint*winkwink*nudgenudge* Universe, get on it! Haha. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. Baby Gabriel will help you gain confidence dealing with kids.

    The first time around, no one is ready or mature enough to be a parent.  But when it happens, you'll be ready.  Not all people grow into it (my brother), but I know you will.  Your kids will be lucky. =)

  2. Wait 'til you reach 28. Or 29. Hehe

  3. hey krissy! you have such a cute and adorable little baby cousin. enjoy the single life and the life of having no children because someday, you will be married and have children for the rest of your life! scary! so just live it up while it lasts! you are still a very young lady! 

    - melissa


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