Red Mango date

08 July 2012

When I received gift cards to spend in Red Mango I knew straightaway I didn't want to use everything on myself even though I love their fro-yo so much. A giveaway sounded perfect because I knew this was a great opportunity to meet some of my readers ♥ Kira also went along with my idea and we made plans to hold the date at the same time.

We had our Red Mango date in TriNoma yesterday and I had such a great time talking to new friends over yummy dessert!

As always, I had Lemon Swirl fro-yo topped with Mandarin oranges, grapes, and pineapples. Svetlani got Crunchy Lemon Craze. Lemuel and Sunshine got Choco Lava.
Me with my dates Lemuel, Svetlani, and Sunshine
Kira with her dates Jaja and Mizi
And because I was still hungry even after my Medium serving of fro-yo and a cupcake from Sunshine, we ordered this:

Banana-Almond waffle
It was my first time to order this from Red Mango, and now I know I'd be ordering a lot more soon.
It was so delicious!
We spent hours just talking about different topics. The hours slipped by so fast; I don't even remember some of the things we talked about anymore (aside from careers, how I love going to concerts, blogging, and my utter lack of a lovelife) but I do remember Kira and me exclaiming a lot of "you're so young!" to them haha. I am officially a dinosaur. Ana, Pax, Paul and Dani also passed by after coming from another event in the same mall :)

What I loved about yesterday afternoon is realizing how easily I let my guard down to people. You see, I met most of them for the first time only earlier in the day yet I was willing to share TMI stories with them already (including my dream sequence in meeting The One). I am a very transparent person - what you see is what you get. If I appear charming (ahyeah) and nice online, that's also how I am in real life.

So sweet of them to prepare gifts for me ♥

Twistie headband from Svetlani, bow tie necklace (that he made himself!) from Lemuel, and pretty green bracelet from Jaja.
Sweet messages in my planner ♥
From last night:

Thanks for coming, guys! I hope you enjoyed it too! See you all again soon! ♥


  1. Wee! Thankjs ms. krissy! It was a wonderful experience! Date ulit tayo! :)

  2. Awww how fun! meeting new people over froyo ;) Put "froyo date" on our list of things to do when i visit again!!! 

  3. Nice to meet you, Sunshine :D


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