Ta na na na na na na na...... BATFAN!!

25 July 2012

It's been almost a week since I saw The Dark Knight Rises but I still can't stop gushing about it! ^_^ You can't fault me on having this much love for Batman as I already explained to you why I'm a fan ;) I'm sure this Batman high will stay until the end of the year. It should, as the next movie I am looking forward to won't be shown until next year.

This is what I wore to the SM KIDS Toon Fest event I blogged about yesterday. Since the event was for the launch of the K-Pop Rising Star contest, I decided to wear something K-Popish (at least to me hehe). Also, I told you I'd be wearing my Batman beanie every chance I get.

As shared on Instagram

Batman beanie - made to order: Blue Luvs Pink | Inner black tank - Jockey
Striped top - Cotton On | Jeans - Candie's
Bag - Fabrics in Style | Boots - Chick Flick (given by Aisa)

Thanks Paul for the clearer photos! These boots are the comfiest things ever. I love how the past couple of days have brought perfect boots weather (I wore my leopard-print wellies to work last Saturday and Sunday!), but to be frank I'm a getting a teeny bit sick of the rain. I read there'll be another thunderstorm, so everyone please be careful and be safe!

I'll see the movie again with Ana this week or early next week. I can't wait! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, please marry me now

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  1. Krissy!!! You're sooo cute with that Batman beanie!!! ♥♥


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