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09 July 2012

Or: This is how I justify my book purchases.

After much debating with myself, I finally got around to using a chunk of my PayPal funds by indulging my number one addiction: books.

Before I started fancying shoes and bags and clothes and other pretty little things, I have always been addicted to books. I started reading at an early age, using the old Tagalog comics my grandma used to buy (remember Eknok and Planet Op Di Eyps from Funny Comics?) as motivation to learn how to. Our old house was filled with different kinds of books I received from my parents and relatives as a kid, and my father would always tell everyone that the reason I was so skinny was because I chose books over food all the time.

I learned about Book Depository two years ago and was impressed at their 'free shipping to anywhere in the world' service. My heart did a yay because a solution to my #BibliophileProblems (eg. rare and hard to find books) has come. I visited this site - together with Amazon and Good Reads for reviews and recommendations - frequently and ticked a lot of 'Add to Wishlist' buttons, but never got to the 'Checkout' point because of my fickle mind and indecisive heart. Those, and/ or finances.

Until today, that is.

It's not that I have lots of money in my PayPal account to begin with, but since the funds came from some mini online gigs I did before, I figured I won't be spending cash that would be better spent elsewhere (like food or rent, for instance). Besides, I found myself trawling local online shopping sites more recently so I was afraid it would just be spent to buy shoes that will just end up unused and/ or sold at a much lower price.

I am now $29.96 poorer because of my incessant love for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Greek mythology ♥

You already know Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is my ultimate favorite movie of all time (read my heartfelt write-up about this film here) and how my first and only experience with eBay US is to get myself an original DVD of this after my long-time search of it in local video stores proved futile. It's just logical that my next purchase from an international shopping site is to get myself a book of the shooting script with the complete screenplay(!!!), movie stills, production notes, and complete cast and crew credits, right? Right.  Anddd I totally love books, movies, and books made about how movies are made (sorry if that sounds a bit confusing hehe). Besides, it has been in my Book Depository wishlist for so looooong, not to mention the reviews about the book are great, too. This purchase is totally justifiable.

One of my favorite moments in my entire high school life is our English classes in senior year because we got to discuss Greek mythology. I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to go to Greece because of this rich and colorful part of their culture asdfghjkl. I have amassed quite a number of books on this subject that I guess I can call it a mini collection already, and I just couldn't stop. One of these days I will do a show-and-tell of them books, but now I am so excited because I will be adding another item to this treasury: The Mythology Handbook: A Course in Ancient Greek Myths. I know it looks like it's better suited to tweens, but I bought it as well because it's from the Ologies series. I have a copy of Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin resting somewhere in my room Serenity in Chaos, and it's one of the most awesome and dazzling books I own so it was really easy for me to decide that I must have this, too. Plus, maps! Stickers! Greek gods! Goddesses! Reviews say it is not that in-depth, but if I want more high-brow Greek mythology-lovin' I could always take out my copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology, right? Right. This purchase is, as the first one, totally justifiable.

According to Kira who has tried buying from the site before, their service really is exceptional. I will receive them separately in 7-10 working days and I can't wait! This transaction left my PayPal account almost penniless but it's okay. I now find myself crossing my fingers for more online writing gigs so that my time spent in the interwebs can generate more income. More income = more money for books, and I still have more than a hundred in my wish list wanting and waiting to be granted ;p

I've always joked that I don't care if my future house won't have a kitchen as long as it has a chandelier, a photobooth, and a library. I'm just kidding about the kitchen part of course, but I am definitely looking forward to having my own well-stocked library. ♥

PS: This is not a sponsored post. I used my own money to buy these books. :)

A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty,
because somebody will always be in it,
taking books off the shelves and
staying up late reading them. (via)


  1. How would you feel about writing dating articles? :s #desperateforhelp

  2. Ackk, I don't think I would be helpful in that department as I haven't even gone on a date for about two years now :/

  3. OMG!

    i have to check that one out!
    thanks for the heads up!i've been debating if i should go over to amazon & purchase the books that i'm looking for directly or preorder it on powerbooks but would double the price if ever..
    i just hope that this site would have the titles im looking for!
    ima head over now!

  4. Glad to help! Good luck, I hope you find the books you're looking for! :)

  5. I've always been interested in mythology, so that book is my favorite of the bunch.

    As a small child I had a book of childhood stories and poems that I read to myself almost every day.

  6. hi,sweets!

    i just wanna ask, have you gotten your books na ba?
    i really checked the website & they're awesome & cheap. i was really tempted to buy from it na. in fact i already have the money on paypal but for some reason i just decided to check some reviews of the website first & i read tons & tons of negative comments. i usually don't give a damn about nega feedback but if they already got like a hundred then i guess its better to really wait & see muna.
    im planning to mass purchase kasi e (is there a term?LOL!) it's a hassle kasi kung pabalik balik sa PO pag pick ng parcel but since books are non-taxable (based on what i know) so i guess i can lift my limit nmn when it comes to books..
    anyway, im just going all blah-blah na..haha
    so, how's your experience?
    hoping for your reply

  7. Hello hello! Yes, I received them na (you may check the last post I published for the month of July, I blogged about the books there - Ü), right on schedule :)

    For me naman I only heard positive feedback, like Kira, she said she ordered from them but it didn't arrive after two weeks. She contacted them, and they sent a new book again. Tapos bigla naman dumating yun isa, late lang pala :D Saka from the replies to customers that I read on their Twitter feed, they refund naman.

    They won't be sent nang sabay-sabay eh even if you buy a lot, sabi kasi sa FAQs the books come from different publishers :) I don't think may tax kapag books, and I think sa house didiretso, not the post office? I'm not sure though, kasi my papa works at the Caloocan Post Office, so siya na nagdala sa house hihi. Good luck on deciding, hope this helped! :)

  8. a talaga?
    swerte ka pala!
    lagi nga ko sa caloocan PO kasi dun bumabagsak ang mga packages ko.hehehe

    ok,that does it!
    i'll be ordering na.hehe
    just to be maybe 2 or 3 books muna para hnd naman gano masakit sa bulsa kung sakaling mawala.


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