Pinch Me Pink

07 July 2012

I rarely wear make-up. During regular days, all I need are pressed powder and a swipe of lipstick or gloss and I'm done. I used to fuss with mineral blush but I find it too messy (and I never got to buy a replacement for my mini kabuki brush that was stolen last year) so I only use it during special occasions. Most days, even when attending events, I make do with just foundation and powder. Anyway, modesty aside, my officemates have always complimented me for having rosy cheeks even when barefaced thanks to Nivea Sparkling White facial wash ♥

After going to the opening of The Body Shop PULSE store last month though, I found one product that made applying blush fun again heehee.
Lip & Cheek Dome in Pinch Me Pink from the Lily Cole Cruelty-Free line
Please note that I don't usually do beauty reviews so forgive me if this would look too amateur-ish when compared with other well-known beauty bloggers ;p

The Lip & Cheek Dome is a cream-to-powder color for lips and cheeks that's easy to wear and easy to blend. I admit the first time I saw it, I thought the pink part is still part of the cap. I was surprised when I unsealed mine and I saw that it is actually the blush itself. Here are some photos to show you how it's applied. Aside from powder I am not wearing any other product in here so please be kind haha. Photos were taken using my HTC ChaCha and no editing whatsoever was done.

My bare face with just Pure Beauty pressed powder
You can either use your fingers to apply the blush on your cheeks or, like me, you can use it like a stamp and pat away.
Use it sparingly because you wouldn't want to look like a clown ;)
After applying, blend using your fingers. Make sure your fingers are clean!
You can also use your fingers to apply some on your lips. Wear it just as it is or under lipgloss.
I like that:
- the packaging looks cute and neat. It is also small enough to fit even in small purses.
- it gives me a natural looking, "just came from the gym" flush.
- it is very easy to apply and blend. Even make-up noobs won't have a hard time using it!
- it can be used sparingly. This small dome will probably last me more than a year even if I use it every day.
- it's from The Body Shop so you know it's guaranteed environment-, animal-, and skin-friendly.

I cannot underestimate the power of blushes and how they instantly give a unique glow! I love how a hint of blush is an instant prettifier during those days you just need a little bit of color. It pinched me pink, indeed!
Each Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome costs P850. It also comes in Crazy for Coral and is available at all The Body Shop branches for a limited time only.


  1. lovet! i cant open mine pa ang dami kong nakaopen pa natatakot ako "masira" hehehe :P great review sis, parang napapaisip tuloy akong gamitin na yun sakin ehheheheh... ;)

  2. Krissy, you are like Kym, you two don't need make-up to look pretty.  You just are! =)

  3. i love that you can put it both on cheeks and lips.amazing pink colour!

  4. i don't normally wear blush, but this looks cute!!! :D you have great skin krissy! 


  5. before and after effects. If I am a girl, I will also make fun of make ups. hehehe.


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