02 July 2012

Alternate title: I love you, Adam Levine.

Tea party to launch a magazine's newest issue? Why? Why not?

Last Friday after work, I braved the payday/ The Amazing Spiderman crowd to go to STATUS Magazine's new HQ in Makati City for an afternoon filled with fun, chips and cookies, milk tea, and Adam Levine!

I was the first to arrive so the STATUS team let me browse the newest ish while waiting.
Kevin and Dan also kept me company and swapped stories with me about different stuff like my job and what it's like to work for STATUS.
Thanks guys, I enjoyed talking to you two :)
The other invited bloggers started to arrive after a few minutes!

With my former officemate Thysz who took the leap and now reaps the success with Moonleaf Tea Shop.
I am so happy for him!

I know working for a publication can be really stressful, but the STATUS team all looked really cool and relaxed. As you can see, we felt really comfortable there LOL. Their HQ felt very cozy and laidback and everyone looked like they were really enjoying their jobs. I guess it shows when you love what you're doing ;)

It wouldn't be a tea party without the tea, would it?
Wintermelon Milk Teas from Moonleaf Tea Shop for everyone!

Awesome sisters Raleene and Rizza
Verge and Miko snapping photos
The invite said we would be playing games - I was actually ready for a mean game of Scrabble or charades, but guess what we played? An updated, more challenging version of Trip to Jerusalem called Rolling in the Deep! Why that name? I don't know, maybe because instead of stationary chairs, this game used swivel office chairs ;D

I was the only one in heels LOL.
I actually thought I would be eliminated after just a couple of rounds...
but no! I even reached the semi-final round!
Look, I changed into my sandals mehehe.
I eventually won the game, which involved chasing a person sitting down on the swivel chair and sitting down on her lap LOL.
Photo grabbed from Ana
BIG thanks to the STATUS team especially Miss Rosario Herrera and Dan Buenaventura for having us in this tea party and for letting us peek in to your HQ. I have visited quite a few offices and I must say yours is one of the coolest! It was such a chill and relaxed afternoon and I enjoyed meeting new people and hanging out with old friends especially Ana and Aisa.

I'm not saying this just because the STATUS team was nice to me or whatever, but I honestly think this magazine is one of the best in the country today. If you look at other magazine titles, you'll see the same faces on the cover, rehashed articles, and just okay content - whereas STATUS defies the norms by coming up with great covers and groundbreaking and fresh content. I actually thought it was an international title when I first saw one, and I mean that as a compliment. Visit their website and you'll see what I mean.

Now let's take a look at STATUS magazine's July ish, also known as its first Sex, Love and Rock & Roll issue.

This month's cover art by Berto Martinez features Maroon 5, with the photo taken by notorious Hollywood photographer Terry Richardson. I've never seen them live so even though I think they should make their Filipino fans miss them more as they've been here just last year, I am excited for their concert on September. I haven't bought tickets yet and from what I hear the VIP up to Upper A tickets have already been sold out, so wish me luck. I love their songs and Adam Levine is just so crazy sexy hot. What's your favorite Maroon 5 song? I have a lot, but my current fave is It's Better That We Break. Ack so emo haha.

This section features what's hot in the music, movie, and literary scene. I always love checking out sections like this in different magazines to keep me updated. This particular feature made me want to buy a copy of the book Shadow Show, a collection of never-before-published short stories by bestselling authors (including Neil Gaiman, Audrey Niffenegger, and Margaret Atwood) inspired by Ray Bradbury, one of America's greatest speculative fiction writers.

A feature on David Finch
Keane's Bro Code
I stifled a yay! when I read from STATUS' Facebook page that Keane will be part of this issue. I love Keane and their song Somewhere Only We Know is my ultimate favorite love song ♥
The BEST part of being given a copy of this month's issue by the STATUS team themselves?

My own personalized Adam Levine bookmark!
This man's gorgeous!
Thank you so much STATUS! I can't wait to finish reading my copy! Leaving you with this quote from the interview with Maroon 5:

STATUS Magazine is available monthly at bookstores near you. Just ask the salesladies nicely; Dan told me they're often placed in the international titles' section (awesome!) or you can also download the latest issue on your iPad. Visit STATUS Magazine's website here.

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