Jolly July!

01 July 2012

So, July.

To be honest, I thought July will find me in a totally new environment. But no, I am still here, back where I started. I won't stop until I find myself where I want to be though, because I am stubborn and strong-willed and determined like that.

So, hello July. I wish you will bring beautiful things that will leave me breathless and exhilarated. I wish the same for you, too, dear reader. ♥

I'm so excited to share with you all the things I've been up to in the last few days, but I guess those can wait because later I'll be with my family to celebrate my grandma's birthday. I can't wait!

Eat delicious things while you can still eat them,
go to wonderful places while you still can
and not have evenings where you say to yourself:
"What am I doing here? Why am I here? I am bored witless!"
- Nora Ephron


  1. Hi Ate! I wish you will have a fruitful and wonderful July :)

  2. Hello! I wish the same for myself too. I'm waiting for a lot of things... Harhar.

    Like you, I truly believe in the phrase of Nora Ephron.

    Have a happy celeb with your fambam. :D

  3. cute sunnies :)
    xx shey

  4. I wish the same for you too, Klaire! ♥

  5. Thank you :) May we get the things we've been waiting for! :)


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