Weekend that stretched to forever

24 March 2010

The perfect ending to my two week-vacation from work! My college friends Ed, Kuya Myk, Bamba, Glen and newfound friends Jes, Donna, Belle and I went to Ilocos for a weekend of new experiences and discoveries.

In just one weekend:

We discovered beautiful and unique benches in Vigan.

I changed into my yellow skirt/ tank top combi once we arrived there at 6am

with my travelmates minus Belle who took this shot

We tried on pretty hats and harps.

I bought the straw hat with pink lining I was wearing here. It was sold for only P30 (less than 1USD)!

can we please be part of the orchestra?

We jumped to our hearts' content in the old streets of Vigan.

perfect jump shot :D

We rode on a calesa driven by a small horse to go around Baluarte where we saw tigers, ostriches, wallabies,

oh oh oh please don't run away Mr. Horse, we're posing for a photo :D

and different kinds of birds,

Hello Mr. Parrot, how are you doing?

and hobnobbed with a dinosaur (albeit one made of papier mache) LOL!

I wonder if the real ones are bigger? :D

We also visited at least three churches and cathedrals like the Vigan Cathedral, Paoay Church, and St. William's Cathedral which is famous for its Sinking Bell Tower.

which I climbed up to the very top in spite of my fear of stairs (especially wobbly, wooden ones) and heights.

We went to a pottery.

where we witnessed firsthand how they make clay into vases and jars.

We then went to the Burgos Lighthouse

and my cheesy and mushy self thought how romantic it must be to be proposed to here

and the Kapurpuran Rock Formation - which is really one heck of an example of nature's wonders.

excuse us while we practice our ANTM poses

big rock formations shaped by water, wind and sand

Next we went to the Bangui Wind Mills which is an important source of wind power/ energy.

seeing the long row of windmills turn simultaneously is so relaxing
(sorry for the reflection, I took this photo inside a moving van)

it also provides a great background for photos :D

Last stop for the day was Pagudpud Beach where we also stayed for the night. The sun has already set when we arrived so we were not able to swim anymore. We just ate dinner at the restaurant in the resort. After dinner the others went out and met new people but Donna, Belle and I stayed in the room and slept early.

Belle and Donna

The next morning, the three of us woke up early and went to the beach for a dip in the waters.

of course, taking photos is part of the plan :D

I got my first(!) henna tattoo! I chose a fairy. I love fairies.

When the rest of our travelmates woke up a little after 7am we ate a hearty breakfast, checked out of the resort and went to our next destination - Patapat Bridge.

the view is just simply amazing-magnificent-splendid, you guys! :D

Another amazing place we visited is the Bantay Abot Cave

... where I felt like we entered another dimension when we went through the cave

...where I literally stood at the edge of the Philippines! That is already the South China Sea. Cool!

... and where we almost got swallowed by the big waves! Brrrrr!

The kind caretakers of Saud Beach and Agua Grande let us in just so we can take photos :)

I was looking very awkward in this photo because I was afraid I will slip in the big rocks, bump my head and die :D

My favorite would definitely have to be our last destination, the Blue Lagoon Beach

... where we spoiled our eyes with lush greenery and an amazing view of the sea

... where we clothed ourselves with waves - literally

... where we chased the waves

... and let it chase us back

... and lastly, where we abandoned all inhibitions and jumped with joy like there's no tomorrow!

We left Manila at 10pm on Friday (March 19), arrived at Vigan at 6am the next day, then went back via Laoag - Cubao Partas bus at 3pm on Sunday (March 21). The trip back was much longer; I arrived at my Quezon City apartment at 3:30am on Monday (March 22), then went straight to work at 6am. Technically we were there for a day and a half only but it felt so much longer because of the number of places we went to. It also helped that we rented a van that took us around all these awesome places.

long bus and van rides but I did not mind them for I'm with the best travelmates a squeamish girl like me can wish for :)

This trip is definitely worth it! I did not go over my travel budget and even if I did, I wouldn't mind it for I can earn the money again, but chances like this do not come much often.

If anything, this trip made me really appreciate the Philippines and how beautiful my country can be. Rich in culture and history, there are just so many places here I haven't been to yet. My dream is to explore the Philippines as much as I dream of visiting my other dream destinations, like Greece and Italy. :)

I may have left a piece of my heart in Ilocos, but I took home lots of fond memories and new experiences.

Also, my sunshine and serenade-in-a-box and very good friend Ed gave me this beautiful heart-shaped coral he found.

I hope you enjoyed my quite-long and image-heavy post and I also wish that I made you want to visit Ilocos. Take me with you, will you? :)


  1. glad you enjoyed your weekend krissy :)

  2. Ang saya Krissy... love the places you visited. Na-miss ko bigla ang Ilocos. And girl, dami mo change outfits ha... panalo! xoxo

  3. Wow, Vigan is an 8-hour trip from Manila. Looking at your photos, I'm sure it was all worth it.

  4. KRISSY! Wow ... you made awesome use of your vacation and I love the pictures! You make me feel like I came along (I wish I could have, looks like such an amazing time). I -adore- the photo of you with the white/red dress in front of the rock ... you need to put that on a Christmas card or something :D And pretty fairy!

  5. I love the pictures! And I love all your outfits! I've never heard of Vigan. It looks like a place with lots of history, something from an old history book. I'm definitely going to put this in my list of places to visit here in the Philippines. =)

  6. Really beautiful photos sis! i wanna go north! :D

  7. oh dear, I love each and every of your outfit, and the pictures! Oh my! Philippine is definitely in my list! I love that old city picture!

    and of course the beach, oh my, what a fab weekend!

  8. It looks like such a good time!! The water looks so nice, makes me long for summer that much more..

  9. Wow, I don't even know where to start commenting. That is such an amazing place to visit. I would like to spend a week there! I'm happy you stayed healthy for the trip.

    PS - You looked very athletic running and jumping on the beach. =)

  10. oh my gosh! you're totally living the life right now! im so jealous! and i love the henna tattoo! and the gorgeous long dress! ahhh i wanna trade lives with you! LOL!

  11. You look so cute with Mr. Parrot, hahaha. I wonder what was on his mind, looks like he's planning to bite your ear, hehe.

    That jump shot picture reminded me of Macau, only the pavement is different. Vigan looks like an awesome place! Krissy, bring me to Mr. Parrots hometown one day, k :P

  12. aww looks fantastic!! I love the yellow skirt and the jump shot!

  13. I love love the jumpshot! PERFECT! Also, the pic wherein the waves are chasing u back, super NICE!Ü

  14. Aww I'm jealous:( I've always wanted to do Vigan but goshdarn, that place is far.

    Love your outfits! :)

  15. Cool!
    Punta naman tayo.. (ulit.. for you)
    Super nice! I'd like to put lots of perfect adjectives.. kaso kakatamad. hehe..
    basta.. plan it ASAP..
    I'm already soo excited!!!

  16. I love trips to the beach. You look cute, Krissy. Love the shoots!

  17. aaaaaahhh! darn this computer.. i can't see pictures =( i'll have to check again on my laptop at home... one of the only pics i could see is the one with you and your henna tattooo! bagay sau krissy! are you planning to get a real one? =)

  18. okay i'm back... grabe! super saya naman! i wanna be there.... white sand and clear waters!!! p.s - krissy, your outfits are sooooo cute! `

  19. Oh, Krissy! The first time I saw Patapat, I was crying because it was beautiful. That's how amazing it was. I'm glad it still hasn't lost its beauty and it's great to know that you have time with great friends. Miss you, dearie.


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