Ladies who shout ;)

31 August 2010

Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.
- Richard Bach

Yesterday is probably one of my favorite days of the year. I had so much fun that I wanted to capture all the memories, so that when I am feeling sad I would have something to look back to and smile about. :)

After about six years of online friendship, I finally got to meet Grace and Kaiye, while it was the second time I got to see Belle. We met years ago via the now defunct Seventeen Philippines' website message board, Seventeen Sigaw (sigaw is a Tagalog word that literally means "shout"). Taking from its literal meaning, our message board was where we were able to voice out topics that concern us Filipino youth. You may think that all we did in the boards was gush about boys and makeup, but no, we talked about a lot of other serious stuff, too. Like what color goes best with magenta shorts. Kidding :D I spent a big part of my college years cultivating friendships with a number of ladies I met there, and I was able to post more than 5,000 messages there, and it was so sad when they shut the site down. Good thing we were able to keep in touch via other social networking sites. I love these girls so much to let them go just like that :)

Brace yourselves, there'll be a lot of photos! These are my favorites:

Krissy, Belle, Grace, Kaiye
Striking a pose at SM North EDSA's Sky Garden
Pretty ladies :)
First we had lunch at (where else?) Bigoli in SM North EDSA-Annex
Kaiye is very talented at taking self-portraits!
At the overpass going to TriNoma from SM North EDSA
One of my favorite photos of us four!
We had lots of fun trying on headbands at e.g.g.
Frozen yogurt at The White Hat. Seriously, this stuff is addicting!
Mine is the one with chocolate syrup, crumbs of graham crackers, and marshamallows :)
Playing with our cameras :)
I got a new headband from e.g.g. hee~
The escalator to TriNoma's Garden was not spared :D
Walking around the garden :)
I like this photo taken by Kaiye. It's currently my Facebook profile pic :)
Photos from across the fountain
Mich and Jonas were at Timezone Arena so we visited them for a bit of videoke :D
Kaiye performing her rendition of M2M's Don't Say You Love Me. Yay for songs from our teenage years :D
Fun inside TriNoma's restroom hee~
Last photo at 6:30PM. I almost cried when were already saying our goodbyes.
I went back to Mich and Jonas after they went home.
Bestfriends, just like Jerome and me :)
Having a little bit too much fun with my camera's Makeup Mode :D
I was able to get home at about 9PM. I had so much fun with them! Through our threads in the message board and updates in social networking sites it felt like I have known them personally for a long time already! And it's so  cool that we never ran out of stories to talk about; we are as cool and bubbly and sweet as our online profiles :) Nothing so special happened as the day transpired just like a regular shopping day. What made it extraordinary is that I was with extraordinary people. They are proof that you can meet real and true friends ANYWHERE. I met Belle, Grace and Kaiye online, I met Mich in the office, and I met Jonas through her as he is her bestfriend. You see, you can have friends anywhere so long as you are nice enough :)

Speaking of one great lady, have you greeted Nikolett a Happy Birthday yet? No? Then what are you waiting for? Visit her page here :) She is one of the most amazing friends I have met in this big blogging world, and I am forever thankful our paths crossed :)

Let's do this again real soon, mmmkay?

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