My four lovers

15 February 2011

Most girls had a date on yesterday's Valentine's Day. As I am unlike most girls, I had not just one, but FOUR dates. Now before you raise your eyebrows let me say that my four dates are my classmates from college - Ed, Myk, Karlo and JV. Coincidentally, they are the best four dates a single girl like me can ask for.

Why, you ask?

Ed, Myk, JV, Karlo
Because they're FABULOUS and are not afraid to show it. Just imagine walking through Greenbelt singing Katy Perry's Fireworks with as much gusto as you can muster. Uh, if ever you were in Greenbelt last night and you heard a guy belting it out much better than Mrs. Brand can, that was my friend Ed.

And then, imagine walking from Greenbelt to EDSA at 12 midnight singing Katy Perry's Fireworks with as much gusto as you can muster, only this time you change the lyrics with signs and establishment names around. Yup, those were my friends Ed, Myk and JV. And it was hella fun!

Yellow Cab
Pasta Alfredo | New York's Finest Pizza | Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta
The Baked Potato Wedges were gone before I remembered to take a photo
Because you won't be afraid to wolf down lots of food in front of them. We had a hearty late dinner at Yellow Cab because we wanted Italian food. Yumm.

Because it's fun to talk about a lot of mundane topics like fictional Miss Universe contestants. I just love talking and laughing with these guys. You should hear their stories some time, I promise you that you won't get bored!

Seattle's Best Brownie Ice Blended Coffee
with HUGE chunks of brownies!
Because people-watching while swapping stories over astronomically-priced coffee is a great way to burn off pizza and pasta calories. Well, not really, but c'mon, people-watching is FUN.

And I can list a hundred more reasons but I am kinda pressed for time right now because after this I will be running to our team building I ran out of photos to show for them, and good ol' Show and Tell is always good, so let me reserve them for another future post.

Anyhoo, I planned to just spend a low-key Valentine's Day yesterday watching a couple of movies I downloaded when I received Myk's invite. I still am not used to going to Greenbelt on my own but heck, life is for the living so I said yes. I wore a corporate-y attire since they would be coming from the office, and whaddayaknow, I loved that their outfits were coordinated LOL. I bought them cheesy heart-shaped pillows as a Vday gift which I'm glad they - especially Ed my Eddiebear - appreciated. ♥

When I got home I sent them an SMS that hopefully this time next year (and all the coming years) our hearts won't be lonely any more. But whatever the case may be, may we always find ways to celebrate LOVE every. single. day.

PS: I did receive an SMS that made my heart skip. Sweet, sweet day ♥

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