Fun dress up party at Oxygen's F/W 2011 Collection Exclusive Preview

19 March 2011

I had the privilege to be invited to the Exclusive Preview of Oxygen's F/W 2011 Collection held yesterday, so dressed in black as requested, I went to the Ascott Hotel with my fashion blogger-friends. I'm so glad I went because it turned out to be a very fun afternoon!

Ana, Pax, me, Vern, Ava and Aie.
Melai is missing in this photo x_x
Just picture this: a hotel room, access to clothes from Oxygen's upcoming collection, giggly girls trying on different outfits, and cameras clicking away. Do you imagine a big dress up party? It was exactly like that yesterday and more! Aside from mixing and matching the different pieces in the collection, we also had the chance to meet the brand managers, PR specialists, and other invited press and bloggers.

With Carina of Connect Agencie
We all had fun playing dress up and posing for photos. I wish I can show the photos now but we were asked not to show them yet, at least not before May 1. I loved everything I tried on yesterday even though they're not really the styles I normally wear. Still, it is always great to shake things up a bit, yes? Seriously, seeing all those clothes made me want to take them all home and do a major wardrobe revamp! The collection will also be showcased on Philippine Fashion Week, and we were already guaranteed invites! Eeek so excited!

After the event the girls and I together with my friend Ed (who invited us, thanks Ed!) trooped to Greenbelt to have dinner at Cibo

My Penne All'Amado (braised beef sauce, parmesan)
It is always fun to catch up with them even though we visit each other's blog almost everyday :)
For all you bloggers and readers based in Manila, Ana, Melai and Pax are cooking something up. I can vouch that it's going to be HUGE so watch out for that! I'm so excited! Ed talked to Ana about this project and he is willing to help. I'm happy that my friends have also become friends :)

After dinner and saying goodbye to the girls, Ed and I met up with Karlo whom - after assuring us that he would be comfortable to eat dinner alone at Max's - we left for a while so that we can go to the Oxygen boutique in Glorietta and use our gift cards.

Thank you Oxygen!
What's funny is that the rest of the girls were also there, choosing clothes to buy! It was another dress up-fest for us; it was so difficult to choose because I wanted to get everything!

After less than an hour, we went back for Karlo, then we went and met with Myk.

Ed, Myk, Karlo
They were attempting to do the "Krissy Pose" haha!
I will never get tired of you, Red Mango ♥
We capped the evening with yummy fro-yo while swapping stories about jerks we used to date. I had work early the next day but I didn't really mind having less sleep than usual since we don't really get to do this regularly. I love these guys :)

Oh, before I forget, here are what I got using my gift cards:

Goodies for myself and my brother await :)
I got a pair of shorts, a military jacket, a puffed sleeve blazer, a sexy dress, a cropped top, and cologne sprays and a shirt for my brother
'Til our next get together, girls! We have to set something up for April; it's my and Ava's birthmonth! And thanks again Oxygen for inviting us and for the treats! It was definitely a fun and unique experience!

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