The longest six months of my life

25 April 2010

April 2007. I just graduated from college with a degree on Mass Communication and got lots of free time in  my hands. I was still in denial (that it's time for Real World, baby) so I did not apply for any jobs yet. Instead, I managed an online shop selling clothes and accessories (which did pretty well, if I may say so). Two weeks into it, I got bored and went with my Sinister Sister Jinna to a Job Fair at St. Francis Square in Pasig City. Thursday, we fell in line for three(!) long hours, dropped off our resumés, and scheduled an interview with HSBC for the next day. Friday, we went to HSBC's office in Discovery Suites and scored a job offer before the day is through. Saturday, I went to Healthway for my pre-employment medical exam. Monday, on April 23, 2007, I started working. So now you see why I always say this job just fell on my lap?

May 18, 2007
Tranche 5's graduation from CORE training

Backstory: A batch of trainees is called a tranche. We were Tranche 5. After two months of training, we were separated into three different teams. A majority of my tranchemates became Team Jimmy while I became part of my Team Arjay. Two years ago, I rejoined my original tranchemates and became a part of Team Jimmy.

A hundred thousand memories after...

April 2010. When we signed our contract, Jinna and I joked that we will just stay here for six months tops as we didn't really intend to work in call center. (Scratch that, I do not work in a call center, I work in a financial service provider, as we were told.) Three years on, some of our tranchemates have either left the company already or have transfered to another company and Jinna is now working for another company. As for me, I am still here. What gives? Well,  it is not the only factor, but working with the most awesome people to have as first officemates certainly helped.

To celebrate our third anniversary with the company, my tranchemates and I had a mini party in my apartment last Friday, April 23, 2010

We would have wanted everyone from our tranche to come but that's an impossible feat (as even some who are still working with us were not able to attend). We still had a good time though, just reminiscing about the old times, bonding over food, and playing a mean and oldie-but-goodie game of Spin the Bottle: Truth or Consequence (but everyone got Truth anyway lol). Mich brought pancit while Dane brought native kakanin. And yeah, they drank a little alcohol :D

Watcher, Asther, Mich, me, Dane

As per Daria, "I love being the hostess. It's so easy to get home at the end of the night."

Frank and Sasha also came at around 7PM. As they say, better late than late-r :D

I prepared a mini-tribute for them that contains a slideshow of our pictures through the years. This was not an easy task, man! I started with 776 photos, trimmed it down to 180, suffered setbacks and kinks, but through the help of my brother was able to burn it into a CD so we can watch it through my DVD player. They said they liked it :)

Except for the hair, I don't think I changed at all in those three years! :D

Mich's best friends Jonas and Apreal also came. All in all, it was a fun night even if not everyone was able to come. I am hoping for more bonding moments like these. I have said this before and I will say this again: they are the best people a girl fresh out of college can ever wish to have as her first officemates. 

Smile! :)
(this photo was taken on November 2008)

For me, they make HSBC the Best Place to Work and together, we make HSBC the Best Place to Bank. :)


  1. oh wow. it's always so nice to reminisce the good ol days. looks like you had one of the best moments for the past few years :) surely there's lots in store for you still, bebe :)

  2. aww... congratulations on your 3rd year anniversary, krissy. I was at my last job for the same amount of time and just like you, I initially didn't plan to stay there for as long as I did, either. you and your work friends always look like you have a lot of fun together so more power!

  3. Friends rock! :o)
    I wish I had more buddies like that!

  4. I work best when I have great team-mates. And going to work is no longer a hassle when you know you'd be spending the day with great people.

    In my last 2 jobs, I didn't have any team-mates. I was working on my own, alongside the boss. It was so boring. No wonder my interest waned after a few weeks.

    Keep them close! ;p

  5. i can still remember the st.francis square job fair sis! :) cool tribute sis :) :)

  6. Congratulations! It's great you've made such good friends.

    Do your benefits increase after 3 years?

  7. Oh yey happy pictures krissy! thanks so much. I enjoyed looking at them

  8. Awwh, so cute Krissy! When I first read the title I thought, "I hope she means 'longest' in a good way!" Your officemates and you look like such a fun bunch to work around with - love the slideshow and I like the second song ... so mellow and nice :)

    So glad you have such fond memories of working there, it's crazy how little things you stumble upon can become some of the most important moments of your life, both the good and bad.

    Hope you're doing great, Krissy! <3

  9. wow, 3 years are quite an achievement,congrats krissy!! I only lasted 1 year on my first and (i hope) last full time job :) I guess I'm more into business than office :D

  10. How wonderful! Congrats on sticking in there. And you're lucky to have such great people around you!!

  11. Pwede ka na PR manager ng HSBC... I can feel that you really love working there and you love the people you work with. :-)

  12. @ Ejannz: I surely did, thank you :)

    @ Jackie: Thank you, we certainly always have great bonding moments together :)

    @ Nashe: They surely do! :D

    @ Johanna Hill: I can't imagine working without teammates.. I am very chatty and I always need someone to talk to especially if I am working on something boring. I don't think I would make it this far if I didn't have these people with me :)

    @ Anagon: Grabe, ang tagal na sis no? :D

    @ Rick: Thank you :) The healthcare benefits remain the same, but we do get annual salary increase. Plus HSBC gives tokens to employees on their first, third and fifth year with the company (as HSBC-GSC is only six years old) :)

    @ Mel: Glad you liked them :)

    @ Nikolett: Thank you very much, you are so sweet :)

    @ acutelife: I also have a friend who has concentrated on her business since graduation. Good luck on your business! :)

    @ Carina: I really am! Thank you :)

    @ Leah: Pwede! Haha I really do, thanks Leah! :)

  13. Three years passed so fast, ah? :) I remember how fast it passed, when I helped my mom open her business in 2006 and I've been working for her the past 3 years. Passed fast and we really reached highs and lows. You make me remember that now, when I'm far away from her...

  14. @ MKL: I am sure your mom misses you too :)


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