OXYGEN's New Treats + Tee Off Contest

01 February 2011

And before we knew it, it's February.

Start the Love Month right by smelling and looking great! Oxygen has launched a new line of perfume and a premium line of cool and comfy shirts that let you do just that without breaking the bank ;)

XX for Women
XY for Men
Choice pieces from the Oxygen X-Series collection
The Oxygen X-Series collection is a collaboration with known celebrity and fashion photographer Doc Marlon. Plain cotton shirts are given life with his remarkable photographs. Plus, the shirts are made from 100% cotton so it's perfect for the pre-summer months, too! (Aren't you excited for summer? I know I am! I miss the beach!)

The XX and XY perfumes cost P399 per bottle, while the shirts cost P449 for the ladies and P469 for the guys. All lines are being carried by all Oxygen branches.

PLUS! Here's a treat to all photo-enthusiasts/ hobbyists/ pros out there!

Oxygen and Status Magazine are holding a contest as a follow-up to the X-series designs by Doc Marlon! It's time to bring out your cameras and shoot some awesome photographs because who knows, you might just be one of the four winners to get a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Phone! Not only that, the best thing about it is that the four winning designs will be produced in limited edition Oxygen shirts and featured in Status Magazine's April 2011 editorial feature! Is that exciting or what?

Submit all entries to info@statusmagonline.com or log on to Status Magazine's website. You only have until February 6 to join so hurry and get clicking now! I know my friends Frank and Mae will be happy to join :) Good luck, everyone!

I for one will not join because I'm happier posing in front of the camera ;)

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