Maria Paulita handmade accessories

18 February 2011

Alternatively titled: I will forever have a love affair with pretty thingamajigs.

Look around my blog. Notice the layout and the theme I used. Read my posts. It's pretty obvious that I am a girly girl, yes?

I will forever have a love affair with pretty thingamajigs. You should see my room at my parents' house. Aside from books and shoes (and journals and plushies and basically everything cute), I love collecting accessories. I have a big compartment box filled with my long necklaces and a framed canvas where all my earrings are displayed. It makes choosing the "earring of the day" much easier ;)

Back in college I had a pretty classmate named Paula who used to make pretty earrings and rings using wires and beads. Whilst I also know how to make my own accessories, I can never match her creations. She had a really good eye on choosing colors and I love her designs! I bought a lot of accessories from her even though I was still living on a meager student's allowance back then LOL.

I got these earrings from her!
I've had these for 4 - 5 years already :)

One day I saw her wearing this pretty ring and I told her how pretty it looked. Do you know what she did? She took it off and gave it to me! :D
After our college graduation the next time I saw her again was on our New Year get-together. I was glad to learn she still makes accessories! She said she's planning to launch a full-scale business soon and I am really excited for her. She named this venture Maria Paulita, after the name her closest friends playfully call her.

Annnd guess what? I will be helping Paula sell some of her Maria Paulita creations on this Sunday's Bloggers' Closet! Here are some of the pieces that will be available for sale:

Perfect for summer!
Sorry girls, I already got the pretty necklace on the left for myself ♥
Chunky candy rings
Chain layered necklace
and lots...
of earrings!
I have more pieces here and I guarantee they're all very pretty and unique! Want to see them? You have to go to Bloggers' Closet then! Aside from Mary Paulita designs, my fashion blogger-friends and I have prepared a lot of pretty clothes, shoes, and other treats for you! You also won't be hungry as there'll be food concessionaires (sssh, there may even be free cupcakes!) It'll be a FUN day of girl bonding, giggling and gushing. I can't wait! ♥

How to get there :)
I hope to see you there! (Oh if only I have Apparition powers or maybe millions of dollars so I can fly my blogger-friends from all over the world here to Manila for this special day!)

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