Michelle's makeover

23 February 2011

Long-time readers of this blog know Michelle. We've known each other ever since the first day we started working at HSBC and just about three months ago, we became neighbors when I moved in to an apartment next to their house. She is definitely my closest friend at the office and I am thankful she's always there. She always accompanies me to events, spontaneous shopping trips, and dessert dates. She is a good listener and she never fails to make me laugh with her stories and funny quips. She is such a jolly breath of fresh air that you can't help cheer up after talking to her. She has always been a great friend so of course I am always happy to return the favor.

Last Monday I went with her to David's Salon in SM North EDSA-The Block for a spur-of-the-moment makeover. I was supposed to go home to my parents' house after work but I didn't have the heart to say no.

After four hours of shampoo, scary-looking curlers, cellophane, hot oil treatment and blow-dry:

Work it, sister!
Mich had her hair digi-permed and cellophane-d with a gorgeous Honey Chestnut tint. I LOVE IT! I am so jealous, I can't wait to grow my hair so I can finally have mine permed, too! Big thanks and thumbs-up to the hairstylists who worked on Mich's hair!

Also picked out a couple of stuff for myself today while Mich's transformation was taking place. I went around the mall for about an hour and took advantage of the ongoing lingerie sale at the SM Department Store.

Intimates in leopard prints, candy stripes and polka dots ♥
After her makeover we were able to grab a quick dinner (because it was already past 8PM and the mall was about to close).

Waiting in line for tickets to a concert we will go to on April. So excited!
And no, we did not coordinate our outfits LOL.
So pretty, wearing her yellow pin cuff bracelet she got from Paula.
I  love how her new curls softened her features and made her look very lady-like. I really love her new look! Now if only I can make her start wearing dresses... Not that I would want her to a complete overhaul. She is already beautiful to begin with but I just think a pretty dress will work wonders :)

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