All we'll have left are the memories.

04 February 2011

I may be part of the minority. Minority of the select few who never get Monday Blues, that is. I have always loved Mondays for the sole reason that your Monday = first day of the work is my Friday. My rest days from work are Tuesdays and Wednesdays you see. My work schedule has been like this for the last two years and I have already grown to like it.

For the first time in a long time though, I think I've finally come to dread Mondays. More specifically, this coming Monday, 7 February 2011.

Dane, the person I've been involved with for more than a year but parted ways with on March 2010 but remained very good friends with, my seatmate and one of my closest confidantes in the office, has been promoted. With the promotion comes a new schedule, which means I won't get to see him anymore as much as I used to. Or as much as I want to.

Let it be said that I am very happy for him and immensely proud of what he has achieved. I have nothing but good praises for his work ethics and his promotion is very well-deserved.

But of course, to be honest, I am also sad. Today was his last day with us because his rest days are Saturdays and Sundays. I have been feeling somber for the past week and has been conditioning myself already that when I go to work next Monday, there will be no Dane there on the seat beside me.

Yesterday we went to Iceberg's in West Avenue as a "farewell mini-rendezvous."

Me (wearing the Minion Abby gave me!)
He had Carbonara, I had Homemade-Style Spaghetti
His halo-halo
My Choco-chip Parfait
It was a lovely meal; the food delicious, the servings generous. I swear I won't touch chocolates with a ten-foot pole for the rest of February as I think I had more than the allowable amount each month with my parfait ;D

Earlier I gave him a journal I worked on for almost a week. I filled all 120 pages of the mini journal with a long letter, inspirational quotes about life, my favorite quotes from movies and books as well as my favorite poem Invictus, and a long list of my favorite memories with him. Yes I know I am cheesy. It's not even a desperate and lame attempt to get him back. I just wanted him to have something to remember me by, something that if in case he feels lonely or sad or unloved, then he can read it and smile.

I thought I filled it with everything I wanted to say, but I forgot to include this: I want to thank him for that long phonecall we had with me crying on the other line because of something that happened between me and some former friends. He told me, "Just because you're nice doesn't mean everyone else will be nice to you back. The world doesn't always work that way", and that has stuck with me ever since. I just want to thank him because even if things didn't really work out between us, I know I've always got his back and he's always got mine. Maybe it's because even before the whole romance hoopla happened, we've always been great friends. I'm glad and grateful we're friends and nothing can ever change that.

What's cute is that he asked me to write a blog post about him. (He has always been supportive of my passion for writing. ♥) I told him that even if he didn't ask, I am sure to write a post about him. I've always been open here in my blog because I know that years from now I will read back these entries and smile. That's what I've been doing the past few days actually, reading up on my past entries about us. And of course, I want to thank you all for sharing the experience with me. (Special thanks are in order to my friends I've sent an SMS to, emailed, and tweeted about this. All your replies are much, much appreciated. Love you mucho!)

I'll miss you and this, really.
Photo taken today.
So yeah. I will be sad but happy as well because I know he is on the right track. 

Besides, I know he will miss me, too.

In the end, all we'll have left are the memories, and I am happy to have made a mark.

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