Weekends should have more than 48 hours.

Everyone who agrees with me, say aye!

How's everyone? I feel like I've been gone for so long! I just had one of the most jam-packed weekends ever, prolly the busiest I've had in a while. With the rate my social life is going, time will come when 24 hours a day will not be enough. Mind you, I am not complaining :)

After work, I went to Greenhills with Paula and her boyfriend Marky for an afternoon coffee date with my fashion blogger-friends. It was great to see these beautiful ladies again and meet new ones as well.

Paula, Vern, Ava, me, Honey
New friends Boj and Len
Lovebirds Zee and Honey
Zee arrived in the Philippines just last Friday night.
Lovebirds Marky and Paula
It was my first time to meet Marky that night, and he was super nice!
He and Paula are a perfect match :)
Paula's funky nail art ♥
I just had to take a photo of Aie's exquisite headpiece.
Necklace - Pinky Blings | Top - Folded & Hung | Jeans - Unbranded | Satchel bag - Use it Again | Ankle boots - PILL 
After a few hours giggling (mostly on my part; I don't know why I got the giggles that night) and talking about lots of different things, the trio of myself, Paula and Marky did not join them for dinner anymore because we needed to go to the birthday party of our classmate from college Jan Viktor.

The Viktorious Silver Party was held at The Room, a photography studio in Panay Avenue, Quezon City which was transformed into a bar for the night. Too bad some of our other friends weren't able to come, but I'm still glad I got to see some of my other friends almost four years after we graduated! It's amazing how much we have grown!

With birthday boy JV
Tempting array of pretty colors, but I had work the next day so no-no.
Umm, Paula and me having a little bit too much fun with the photowall :D
Now doing some schmexy poses with Dewi :D
It was great to see April again!
This stunning, statuesque lady is a beauty queen and a commercial and print ad model.
Lovebirds April and Jay
This recently-engaged couple will surely produce beautiful babies someday :) 
Ice performing on stage. She's a very good singer, guys!
I wanted to volunteer and perform a Britney Spears number but I don't think the audience are up for it LOL!
Precious and Pawlo also came :)
(I love how April stooped just so we can look like we are as tall as her :D)
Happy birthday JV! Thank you for inviting us to your party!
I got home a little before 2am, then slept for about two hours before I managed to reluctantly drag myself to prepare for my 6am work. I was groggy the whole day and wanted to just go home and lay in the comforts of my bed. But no, I was able to finish my shift and even had enough energy to spare to go to the mall for a movie and crepes.

Life is for the living; we all have plenty of time to rest after so for now I say, just go with it ;)

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