A Piece of Me... in February 2011

08 February 2011

Krissy's Note: This is a late post that should have been published last Sunday but because I was busy the night before I didn't realize it was already the first Sunday of the month. No thanks as well to the not so reliable SmartBro Prepaid Broadband I am forced to use with my netbook when I'm in my apartment.


Not related to this post really but I just had to share.
I painted my nails two different colors and I LOVE how they turned out.
Wearing local brands Caress nail polish in Little Miss Piggy topped with one coat of Caronia nail polish in Golden Sun.
I love how the gold speckles enhanced the pink salmon-ish color.
This month,

I like that it's the Love Month! Valentine's Day may have turned too commercialized already but man, you gotta give Hallmark some credit since it's most probably the best time of the year for them to meet their quotas LOL. Flowers, cards, chocolates, romantic comedies - gotta love them! Buuut, even though I might be the cheesiest person I know, I draw the line on red paper cut-outs of baby Cupids with the bow and arrow :D

I don't like that it's the Love Month. This is Krissy's lonely Miss Single alter-ego speaking, and I just want to say I miss the previous Valentine's Days when I was guaranteed a big bouquet of flowers from my then-boyfriend. I took a Vacation Leave from work that day, mainly because I didn't want to be single AND working on Valentine's Day. I guess I will dig out old love letters from previous flames to "celebrate" that day LOL. Besides, it's my father's birthday that day. Fun fact: My father's name is Valentino because he celebrates his birthday every 14th of February. Cool, huh? :D

I want you to know that I just scored a lifestyle shoot session with renowned photographer Tracey Heppner!! I learned it just about two hours ago and I still can't stop smiling until now! She is the same photographer who took Kym's beautiful My Sassy Girl-inspired engagement photos and the shots were all amazing! She also took photos of Journey's vocalist Arnel Pineda when he had a tattoo done by tattoo artist Ryan Saltiga. Aaaah I feel so happy and giddy and excited! Gotta practice different ways to pose now ;)

I've planned to spend my pre-Valentine weekend in Tagaytay with my friends Mich and Jonas. I'm sure it'll be a fun road-trip! Also, as mentioned in my previous post, my fashion blogger-friends are planning to hold a garage sale and I'll join! I just realized - after cleaning my apartment last Friday - that I do have lots of stuff, most of which I don't even get to use. It's time to regain closet and shoe-rack space by selling some of my clothes and shoes. Please wait for more details soon! ;)

I want to say to someone special, to myself, that Love is not something that can be rushed. It comes in the most unexpected places. Just you wait and see, and I'm sure it'll be sooo worth it ;)

This is a game thought of by the Toothfairy for us bloggers to share a little bit of something about ourselves every first Sunday of the month. We miss you Shirley.

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